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Premier Spirits and More: Manning Wine and Spirits re-brands


Manning Wine and Spirits was taken over by new management a little over a year ago in January by long-time Clarendon Resident Jeremiah Stokes. In his first few months as the new manager, Stokes did all he could to expand on what the previous owner had built. However, he has recently found himself running out of room. 

The solution? Find a bigger space. The space that he landed on, the old shoe show building, is only three doors down from where he is currently located.

“The space is about three times as big,” said Stokes. “We now plan to sell beer, mixers, and more by dividing the space up.”

The space has to be divided due to South Carolina law, which doesn’t allow spirits and mixers or beer to be sold together. This problem can be remedied, however, by providing what is essentially two stores. 

“This move will allow us to offer a greater selection of spirits, as well as an entire new market,” said Stokes.

The idea for offering beer, mixers, and party supplies came from customers that were traveling to the lake. 

“We have a lot of customers that use us as a pit stop to pick up supplies on the way to the lake, and they always ask if we have coolers or ice,” said Stokes. “I’ve seen a few stores that sell drinking games and bar kits, and I want to offer that as well. Anything that pertains to alcohol should be sold in my store. We want to be your go-to destination.”

Stokes is thrilled to also begin offering craft beer and other items that you wouldn’t be able to find in Manning.

“The biggest thing people ask for is craft beer, among other things that you can’t currently get in Manning,” said Stokes. “So if you have to go outside of the town to get that, then what is stopping you from getting everything else you need out of town. If they can get it here, then we can keep that money local.”

Stokes is a proud member of his community, and sees his business as more than just a way to make a buck. 

"If you aren’t offering something to make your home a better place, then why are you doing it,” said Stokes. 

The liquor store is set to be opened in the new building within the next few weeks, and the beer and supply store is set to open within the next month. For more information, contact Premier Spirits and More at (803) 433-9000.


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