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Pop-up shop set to raise funds


CleverlyHomeMade and Wyntersweet Entertainment are hosting a pop-up shop event on Saturday, August 6 from 10 AM to 4 PM. The event will be located at 113 E Boyce St in Manning, between Church St and Durant St. 

The first pop-up shop was initially created to raise funds for the remodeling of Trinity Full Gospel Church. Wilson decided to continue planning more pop-up shops due to the success of the first one, and the positive impact it made on local businesses.

When asked about how the event will impact the community, the event organizer, Cleverten Wilson, said, “The pop-up shop will allow small businesses get their name out there.” 

Not all local businesses have a physical location. Some of them are ran solely from an online platform. The pop-up shop will also greatly benefit these online businesses. Online business owners may make enough money to help them open up a physical shop or workspace. They can also use this event as an opportunity to meet their customers in person, and find new customers.

“For business owners who are not able to have a brick and mortar, the pop-up shop is a way for them to earn extra money, to help them establish their business and help it to grow,” said Wilson. "The objective here is that they can showcase their products. We would love to have food trucks, we would love people to do arts and crafts, to show whatever they are in the market of selling. Presenting it to their customers will help build their business."

The types of activities available for attendees to participate in depends on what businesses sign up to be vendors. At the previous event, there was painting and flower arranging available to the customers. If more vendors are present at this event, there will be even more activities for customers to participate in. This will allow customers to learn how businesses create their products, which will spark more interest in the businesses themselves.

For food truck vendors, the entry fee is $70.00. The entry fee is $35.00 for all other vendors. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at the next Pop-up Shop event on August 6, email Cleverton Wilson at cw.cleverlyhomemade@gmail.com for more information.


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