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Local writer shares new book


Jean Lowery Wilson’s first book was finished in December 2021 and was available to the general public in January 2022. She started this process roughly fifteen years ago when she published her first book. Over 300 letters were sent to her throughout the Civil War. From 1852 to 1868, the Plowden and Rogers families wrote several letters.She dedicated her book to two particular people: her husband, Tommy, and Samuel Edgar, from whom she got all of the letters. This book is available in both hardcopy and paperback versions. On Amazon and Barnes and Noble, the hard copy costs $34.99, while the paperback costs $23.99.

“I wanted these letters to be preserved because they’re so ephemeral and will crumble over time if they’re not preserved in some way,” Wilson explained. “I didn’t want all of this to be lost, so I made sure it could be read by others.”

The description on Amazon for the book reads: “So writes Hattie in January 1862 to the love of her life, husband Ruthvin, who is stationed with the Pee Dee Legion off the coast of South Carolina in Georgetown. The Letters from the Rogers, Plowden, Mood, and Haynesworth families, among others, herein contain exciting, first-hand/eyewitness accounts of seminal events of the times, such as the great Charleston fire, the beginning attack on Ft. Sumter, and Potter’s Raid, as well as vivid details of everyday rural life. Their true examples of unwavering faith in God and exemplary strength of character should inspire and encourage all who hear their stories’’

Each of these individuals writes a range of various stories, letters, and adventures to their loved ones. 

Wilson has thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing her book and presenting each of these individuals’ experiences to the world for viewing and reading.

“What struck me is how dedicated they are to the Lord, how faithful they are, and what wonderful Christians they are.” One of Wilson’s favorite features of reading these stories is how obviously they rely on the Lord. “Whatever the Lord decides is his will, and they accept it,” she stated.


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