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Local author releases book


Quincy Epp’s, a native of the Manning, South Carolina area, has recently published his first book, beginning his series. Throughout his artistic career and path, Epp’s has always imagined himself as a book author. He is an author as well as a talented artist.

“It’s been a part of my creative journey.” When asked if he had ever considered publishing a book, “Everything in the creative world I am a part of.”

Epp’s is passionate about the arts and the creative world. Writing is a significant element of Epp’s daily life as well as his computer and information technology career. Epp’s takes pleasure in motivating individuals around him to learn more about their craft and how to include and network with others. He took his own advice and in the year 2022 he published his first book, which is titled “Vel & The Mango Tree.” The newly released book, which he illustrated, and wrote a song for, has been a wonderful and joyful process for him. The book is available on Amazon for $9.99, and Epp’s is currently working on getting his book published as an e-book. The description on Amazon for the book reads: “A little girl named Vel embarks on an adventurous journey to her favorite mango tree, the only mango tree standing for miles around. A journey filled with surprises and fantasies. You don’t want to miss this fun read, appropriate for all ages! Beautiful and immersive images that make adults become children again. Come join Vel for a tasty treat, she’s on her way to the mango tree! Mango mango mango tree, come along and follow me, a tasty treat and lots of fun. Come along everyone!”

Epp’s has greatly enjoyed the entire creative process of his book, as well as the story, plot, and illustrations. He intends to continue his series with Vel & The Mango Tree, which is set to be released this fall. Epp’s future goals and plans include the possibility of turning his book into an animated film that could be picked up by Disney.

“That’s a project I’d really love to make happen, “said Epp’s on his future goals and plans. 


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