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Kurtis Rodine: Clarendon County Council District Two candidate


TMT: Please tell us a little about yourself.

KR: I am Kurtis Rodine and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner at Low Country Urgent Care in Manning. I have established roots in Clarendon County as a resident for 31 years.  My wife and I have raised our three children in Clarendon County, where they attended and graduated from our public school system and private school.

TMT: Why are you running for county council?

KR: I am running for county council to enable myself to actively participate in the decision-making process that directly affects the lives and wellbeing of my community, friends, and family. I want to focus on building and improving our community. I want to bring about change and enhance areas of government where previous council members have established. My areas of interest include county fund spending, making sure the voices of our citizens are being heard, and giving our citizens honest responses to their questions.

TMT: What previous political experience do you have?

KR: I have never served as a politician before. However, I am aware of the structure of our county government and am very sensitive to the ideas about politics and policy goals. I am eager to continue building relationships and do my part to bring about positive changes and enhance our government for Clarendon County.

TMT: What people or organizations do you seek guidance and advice from?

KR: My first person I seek guidance from is my Lord Jesus Christ. I also seek guidance from my friends and those that have handled experiences like the one I am dealing with at the time. I am a great listener. Listening to others allows me to plug into their knowledge and wisdom. This method enables me to broaden my perspectives and understanding. These qualifications are essential for the Council Seat which I am seeking.

TMT: What is your greatest professional achievement?

KR: My greatest accomplishment is becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner. I was a high dropout. Owning my own business was my main objective at the time. After the death of my father, I decided I wanted to get my GED and start taking college classes. I started taking nursing classes while working in the medical field. Loving, helping, and serving others is what challenged me to become a nurse and soon after becoming a Nurse Practitioner. This same motivation to become a nurse is the same motivation I have to serve as your County Council Member. I love taking care of people in my community.                                                                        

TMT: What would you say is the job description and or purpose of a council member?

KR: The purpose of a council member is to protect the citizens and be watchful over the affairs of our county and exercise my right to vote. With my strong ability to listen, I know I will be able to facilitate communication between the community and the council. A council member must prepare policies, manage assets, attend meetings and plan for the future of this county. With my experience, I will be very mindful of our tax dollars. I will see that our monies are being spent conservatively. I will find ways to save and not waste.

TMT: How do you plan to involve residents in the decision-making process in Clarendon County?

KR: Being personally available is the key to involving myself with the residents of Clarendon County. This allows me to see and hear the concerns of the citizens of Clarendon County and strengthens their participation in public County affairs. Social media platforms, emails, phone messages, text messages, planning and conducting a Meet and Greet, attending County events are all means of availability for conversation. My goal is to have an “open door” perspective where truth can be told, and transparency is available to all! I want my friends, family, and all citizens of Clarendon County to know that I hear them, and I am working for them.

TMT: The division between political parties and Clarendon County seems to be at an all time high. How would you promote or encourage unity and collaboration among our counties, elected officials?

KR: Division between political parties is so common because of different beliefs, goals, and sometimes personal agendas. We can all respect each other to agree to disagree. Focusing on my goals, participating, and encouraging mutual respect is key to bringing unity. I promise the citizens of Clarendon County that I will stand up for what is right, I will not be a part of disrespect and I will work as hard as possible to achieve the goals we have set before us. I promise to be a leader with high character, protect our beliefs, respect one another, and show honor to OUR county.

TMT: What do you feel sets you apart from the other candidate?

KR: Longevity to this County sets me apart from the other candidate. I know the people PERSONALLY; their grandparents, their parents, their children, their grandchildren, the schools they attend, the church they attend, and I take care personal care of many in the health clinic. I have excellent communication skills and I can talk to anyone at any given time. I love helping people, and helping people achieve their goals. I find it very easy to relate to others.  Like most residents in our county, I have had to work hard for my achievements in life. Though my achievements have been hard to attain, my dedication and hard work have paid off. I am not afraid of hard work and devotion.

When moving to Alcolu many years ago, I will never forget what I lived in and what I drove. I lived in a single wide trailer and drove a rusty, oil burning truck. My wife would often laugh at me and say, “You drive that truck and wave to anybody like you are driving a Cadillac.” I love people and people love me. I cannot say that I have one enemy. I try to make friends wherever I go and no matter who they are or where they come from.

TMT: What neighborhood do you live in? Why? Where are your favorite places to spend time in and Clarendon County?

KR: I do not live in a neighborhood. Some may say I live in the middle of nowhere. I live in the Home Branch area of Clarendon County where my dogs can run, I can grow my garden, grow my fruit trees, and enjoy the peace of country living. All my neighbors stop in, and chat and I just love our community. I love spending time with my family. When I am home, I want to be with my family, and I want to spend quality time with them. However, I do love the lake area as well. I enjoy the outdoors where I can fish, boat, and enjoy time on the water.