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Juneteenth celebrations highlight community unity and tradition


The Juneteenth festivities in Clarendon County brought together residents in celebration of freedom, unity, and community. Two significant events marked the occasion with vibrant activities, cultural presentations, and a strong sense of heritage.

On June 19, the Juneteenth Summer Jam Fest was hosted by Linda Jackson and Let’s Read Clarendon in New Zion. The event featured live book readings, a Juneteenth presentation, various activities, a basketball tournament, and an array of food vendors. Families and community members gathered to enjoy the festivities and commemorate the historic significance of Juneteenth.

In another part of the county, Darreyl and Margaret Walker hosted a traditional family Juneteenth celebration. This event was graced by the presence of City of Manning’s Mayor, Julia Nelson, who joined in the festivities, emphasizing the importance of unity and tradition in the community.

Additionally, Summerton witnessed a grand Juneteenth celebration featuring a parade of unity followed by the Festival at the Rail. This evening event offered entertainment, vendors, food, and fun for the entire family. The grand marshal for the parade was Rev. Dr. William T. Johnson, Pastor of the Historic Taw Caw Missionary Baptist Church, who led the festivities with a message of hope and unity.

These events collectively highlighted the spirit of Juneteenth, bringing together residents from various parts of Clarendon County to celebrate freedom, culture, and community.