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Jose Calvo: Clarendon County Council, District Two candidate


TMT: Please tell us about yourself.

JC: My parents are Cuban immigrants from the 1960s. They left Cuba to escape communism. I bring to public service resilience and diligence, qualities I inherited from my parents. My family consists of my spouse, two sisters, two children, and two grandchildren.

I grew up in New Jersey, attended DeVry Technical Institute where I earned a degree in electronics technology, got married, and relocated to Pennsylvania where our children were born and raised.

I worked in AT&T for 40 years where I was trained and responsible for a multi-million-dollar application that provided all of the tracking, sales orders, technical designs, scheduling of installations, and salary compensation for a sales force of over 20,000 employees in support of thousands of customers around the globe.  I held various positions throughout my career:  Electronics technician, Field service technician, 1st level supervisor, Executive support manager, Operations manager, and 2nd level manager. I retired in 2019. 

For many years, I volunteered as a first responder for the Hopatcong Fire Department. In my second year there, I was elected as the squad’s engineer. I volunteered for the Saucon Valley Band Parent Organization, which helped organize fund raising, field trips, competitions, and concerts for the high school marching band, the jazz band, and the school chorus.

During our travels to my relatives in Goose Creek, we developed a great attraction to Lake Marion. We chose to retire and relocate to Manning in 2020, where we currently live.

TMT: How have you been involved in the community?

JC: I have become very involved in the Clarendon County community since moving to Manning. I make it a point to attend the majority of the county council meetings as well as the planning commission, school board, voter registration board, and other political gatherings. I believe it is vital to remain aware of and monitor the numerous events occurring in Clarendon County.

I participate in many community events, such as Duckfest, Sip N Stroll, Stripped Bass Festival, and Puddin’ Swamp Festival, in order to support neighborhood businesses. These gatherings foster community and highlight the best aspects of our county.

TMT: What previous political experience do you have?

JC: I currently hold the positions of Vice chairman of the Clarendon County GOP and I am the president of the Jordan Republican Precinct. I attend the county meetings; I participate as an elected delegate in the State and District GOP conventions.

TMT: What people or organization do you seek guidance from?

JC: God, my wife, family, friends, local business owners, community leaders, and several neighbors with whom I connect. I attend several churches in Clarendon County, including Boat Church, Summerton Baptist, and Santee Baptist.

TMT: What would you say is the job description and/or purpose of a council member?

JC: Adopt and modify resolutions and ordinances. Ascertain how much money is spent on each of the many county maintenance initiatives in accordance with the objectives and needs established by the council while maintaining economic responsibility.

It’s critical to pay attention to and comprehend the concerns expressed by our citizens.

I think it is my duty as an elected person to inquire about everything and consider it from all angles. To ensure that every choice is made with the community’s best interests in mind, never be hesitant to pose the difficult questions.

TMT: What is your greatest professional achievement?

JC: Through integrity and hard work, I was able to achieve the positions of 2nd level Manager and Executive Escalation Manager for the AT&T Board of Directors and upper management.

TMT: How do you plan to involve citizens in the decision-making process for the county?

JC: By giving individuals my direct contact information and providing a social media platform I’m encouraging open communication to express their ideas.

TMT: If you received a million-dollar grant for the county, what would you do with it and why?

JC: I would work to minimize the county’s debt while also improving road conditions and signage. I believe we should reduce our debt so that the amount of interest paid is minimized. I also believe that there is an excess of bad roads, making it challenging for emergency workers to reach persons in need. 

TMT: What do you feel sets you apart from the other candidates?

JC: My background, professional experience, involvement in the county GOP, and involvement in the community have given me the business acumen, integrity, accountability, and openness that I think are necessary for a representative of the people of Clarendon County.

TMT: What neighborhood do you live in? Why? Where are your favorite places to spend time in Clarendon County?

JC: We live lakeside in the Jordan/Wyboo area. We enjoy spending time on the lake and fishing from our boat. We enjoy going to church and participating in the county’s many holidays, festivals, and parades, all while supporting local businesses.

In essence, I am running for the Clarendon County District 2 council seat because I am passionate about our community, dedicated to the principles of transparency and accountability, and equipped with the skills and experience necessary to be a strong advocate for the residents of our district. I humbly ask for your support and your vote as we work together to build a better future for Clarendon County.

Vote for Jose Calvo.