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Johnson wins Senate primary; to face off against Winn in November


The Incumbent Senator Kevin Johnson beat Eleazer Carter in the Democratic Primary for State Senate District 36. He will face off against Republican Leon Winn for the seat in November. Johnson sat down for an Editors Office Interview to discuss his campaign 

Congratulations on winning your election! How did you feel when you got the news on Tuesday night?

Thanks for the congratulatory remark. I felt happy and relieved when the vote totals became official. However, I was not surprised. This was a team effort and we worked extremely hard and hard work normally pays off. 

What do you think some of your biggest strengths were in your campaign?

I think the biggest strengths in the campaign were again, teamwork, experience, qualifications  and the services that have been provided over the years.

What goals do you have for your next term?

My goals over the years have been to prioritize education, healthcare and jobs/economic development. One of my new goals that tie all of this together is the expansion of broadband availability and I’m already working on that. 

Are there any previous goals that you plan on finishing in your next term?

I plan to continue to work on these goals as I transition to a new term. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, we learned that not expanding Medicaid made absolutely no sense. Everyone should have access to quality affordable healthcare and in 2020, everyone should have access to broadband. This  is vitally important for education and for healthcare as it relates to tele- health which is becoming more important in rural South Carolina. 

What do you think the citizens of Clarendon County need in a Senator?

Clarendon County and Senate District 36 needs a Senator who is and has been heavily involved in the community. They need someone who has the experiences and qualifications to get the job done. They need someone who is highly respected by his peers and they need someone who understands that it is never about the man that he sees in the mirror, it’s about the services that can be provided to others. I am extremely proud of my record of service. 

What makes you the best man for the job?

I am the best person for the job because I meet all of the criteria that I mentioned above. Also, I am the best person for the job because of the seniority that I have amassed in the SC Senate and because of the committees that I serve on and because of the respect and confidence that the leadership has in me and my abilities. 

What are some changes you might make in this term, if any?

I’m not looking to make many changes because what I have done over the years is working well. I plan to work harder on the issues that are important to the people who I serve. 

Lastly, what is one message you would like to get out to the citizens of Clarendon County?

I want to express my thanks to the citizens of District 36 and the state of South Carolina for giving me the honor and the privilege to serve. I encourage them to continue to contact me at anytime that I may be of assistance. As always, I continue to solicit their prayers as I travel to and from Columbia and other destinations. 


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