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Jay Johnson: Clarendon County Council Chair candidate


TMT: Please tell us a little about yourself. 

JJ: My name is Jay Johnson. I am a life-long resident of Clarendon County living in the town of New Zion. My wife, Jennifer and I, have 2 daughters, Ashley and Emilee and 1 son, Eli. We have 2 sons-in law, Benjamin and Cayden and 2 beautiful granddaughters, Kate and Caroline. I’m a farmer and a salesman for Carolina Eastern.

TMT: Why are you running for County Council Chair instead of a regular council position?

JJ: We already have great representation in District 3. The chairman position is up for election, and I would be a great asset to the county.

TMT: What previous political experience do you have?

JJ: I don’t have any political experience, that’s why so many people support me! Our residents are tired of career politicians and want someone that will be a voice for them.

TMT: What would you say is the job description and/or purpose of the Council Chair?

JJ: The Council Chair presides over the meetings and should bring unity to the board.

TMT: As Chair, you’ll be immediately placed in a leadership role. What qualities or traits do you believe make an effective leader? How do you exemplify those traits?

JJ: I learned early in life that sometimes being a leader means sacrificing yourself for the greater good. Playing sports in high school taught me integrity, compassion, determination and how to work as a team to achieve goals. A true leader puts the needs of others above self-recognition. This is a quality I have and will use to serve our county.

TMT: What people or organizations do you seek guidance and advice from?

JJ: First and foremost, Jesus Christ! Every decision should be prayed about. Secondly, I will seek guidance and listen to opinions from local business owners and taxpayers of Clarendon County. They should have a say in how their money is spent. And lastly, I will unite with fellow councilmen and make decisions as a team.

TMT: How have you been involved in the community?

JJ: I am a member of Cross Anchor Quartet singing at local churches and festivals. I am a founding member of the New Zion July 4th Parade and Fireworks, recognizing our local veterans. I was a Supporter and Participant of Clarendon County Dancing with the Stars. I am a Supporter of the Palmetto Pickle Music Festival bringing concerts to our small community. 

TMT: What is your greatest professional achievement?

JJ: Planting, growing and harvesting crops to help feed the world while working and providing for my family.

TMT: How do you plan to involve residents in the decision-making process in Clarendon County?

JJ: As I stated earlier, taxpayers should have a say in how their money is spent. I will be open to all discussions from any resident about any issue they have in Clarendon County.

TMT: The division between political parties in Clarendon County seems to be at an all-time high. How would you promote or encourage unity and collaboration among our counties elected officials?

JJ: I don’t think division is between political parties. I think the division is between the current politicians and the residents of the county! Our residents need someone to be their voice and to be heard, regardless of political affiliation.

TMT: What do you feel sets you apart from other candidates?

JJ: What sets me apart from other candidates is the ability to communicate and understand the concerns of the residents of Clarendon County.

TMT: What neighborhood do you live in? Why? Where are your favorite places to spend time in Clarendon County?

JJ: Growing up on a farm, I have had the pleasure of working with different types of people. I know the struggles some residents have and the burden that taxes can be. I am hoping with the help of the voters, I will get the opportunity to try and change that. I live in New Zion, but my job allows me to travel the county daily to talk to local farmers. Any farm is one of my favorite places to be. As a family, we enjoy spending time in our hometown and at the lake with friends. With your help, I look forward to serving Clarendon County. On June 11, 2024, we can take the first step in working for your future. Vote for me, Jay Johnson! Thank you all!