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For my September installment of “Life in the Palmetto State”, I was going to write about a nemesis that Hunters, Gardeners, and Landscapers fight this time every year; ground bees going to ground. When you least expect it you witness the wrath of biblical proportions befall you and you can’t get out of their way fast enough. Their vengeance is un paralleled if you have ever experienced this furor.
However, the last few days I have spent has made the bees much less painful and the buzz much less insignificant, so allow me to change my thematic focus.
Saturday past I tested positive for Covid. I had been fortunate so far but the Delta variant finally caught me, my girlfriend and her son. Truly a scary thing.
On Tuesday afternoon I awaited my time for my infusion which was so highly touted.
Unfortunately my lungs had other plans.  6 pm Tuesday morning I could no longer catch my breath. Scared to death, I called for an ambulance for myself; something I had never done before, but I thought that was it.
After a short time, I saw those lights in the still predawn light and I knew things were going to get better quick
Those nice EMT’s had me in that bus and we were headed for McLeod Health Clarendon (the old Clarendon Memorial) in no time at all.
The EMT in the back started an IV en transit while in mid air on the back roads to Manning. Don’t know how but she did all this while filling out paper work and talking to the Emergency room. Truly skill talent and experience.
As the back door of the ambulance erupted, I was out in the doors of the emergency entrance and whisked  away to triage room 5 like it had been rehearsed.
From there it was a steady barrage of Doctors, Nurses, and equipment poised for treatment. So far nothing but a ballet of talent and compassion was coming my way.  Even though I was in the belly of the fury of the emergency room, the care was phenomenal.
After many needles, high tech machinery, and instrumentation’s, they assessed pneumonia and really went to work. Their actions and compassion got me headed in the right direction quickly.
About 36 hrs later a room became available and I was in and settled in no time at all
The care and compassion really hit high gear until they got me well and back home later today in the ugliest yellow socks known to man.
I want to personally thank everyone in that treatment facility for what you did for me.
I for one think that McLeod Health Clarendon is by far the best around and heres why.
Oh the treatment regimen was top of the line but the Doctors, Nurses. and staff members took it to new heights. There was never a harsh word or anything less than a smile. To me that cured me faster.
To conclude, allow me to draw an abstract, yet poignant parallel to some images burned into our cerebral cortex’s that we revisited this weekend with the commemoration of 911.
These images of the NYFD rushing into confusion, chaos, dust and ash with shouldered hoses and pick axes were ready to fight and save lives. Some to emerge victorious and some offering the greatest sacrifice as eclipsed by the ringing of the death toll on the bell at ground zero.
Well there is another image I want you to conjure up in your brain for it is even greater
Everyday for over a year, teams of Health care workers rush into a larger beast than the twin towers ever thought about; its call the Covid wars.
Granted we lost many that fateful day in September in New York, but my friends we have lost many many more and these brave workers dare that beast to rear it’s ugly head for they are there to knock it about into submission. Some they win some they don’t.
The workers do their shift and and then recharge and come right back
The main difference, in 911 they could see the beast. Theses Covid warriors can’t.
I am sure that’s more than half the battle. It’s the invisible beast.
So, I applaud you and let me be an army one standing tall to thank you
Because of you I am a survivor only because of you
All my love and respect to you. I thank you McLeod Health Clarendon workers
I will forever be in your debt
Lee Reaves Jr


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