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Ask any Southern Girl Mom what they dream of and it is usually big bows and heads full of hair for their daughters. Lake Killman realized at the age of four that some moms did not get to see that dream fulfilled because their daughters were diagnosed with cancer. Killman’s mom, a hairdresser in Manning, got involved with Camp Happy Days and she had a front row seat to the story of many young girls who were in the midst of battling cancer. 

“I couldn’t do hair and makeup because I was too young, but I knew I could help by collecting bows,” Killman said. 

Just that easily, Hearts4Hair was born. Killman would spend the next 12 years collecting bows, headbands, and other hair accessories for the girls at Camp Happy Days. She usually starts collecting about two months in advance. Even though she has graduated from Carolina Academy and will be going to college soon, she still plans to make time to continue her efforts. 

“I’m finally old enough to be a camp counselor, so next year I’ll be involved that way too,” said Killman.

Killman said that she keeps up with a lot the kids from camp and she notices when they are not there. She said even at a young age, she could see that these kids were “just like her” and she wanted to do something to help. 

For more information about Hearts4Hair and how to get involved, you can visit the Facebook page.


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