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Gallery: Manning Police Officers take pledge; urge other law enforcement agencies to do the same


Manning Police Officers stood together in support of each other as they made an “I Promise” Pledge. This four-part pledge shows their commitment to protect and serve all citizens with dignity, respect, and fairness. The pledge is as follows:

1. I promise to serve my community with dignity and respect, treating all citizens equally, regardless of race or socioeconomic backgrounds

2. I promise to do everything I can to promote a peaceful outcome, only using force when there is no other option. 

3. I promise to not let the negative actions of a few cloud my judgement about doing what is right for all because I am a positive leader in my community.

4. I promise to do everything in my power to come home safely each day and likewise for those that I protect and serve, knowing that my actions impact everyone. I promise to continue leading with a servant’s heart, so that my badge - is one of honor. 

This initiative was created by Manning Mayor Julia Nelson and Jeff Black, a former Manning resident. The pair, as well as the Manning Police Department, strongly encourage other law enforcement agencies to create their own pledge under the "I Promise" logo. 

For more information on the "I Promise" Pledge, visit promise4peace.org. 


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