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Eleazer Carter: State Senate, District 36 candidate


TMT: Please tell us about yourself.

EC: I was born and raised in the Summerton Community, which is midway between the Towns of Summerton and Manning, South Carolina. I attended and graduated from Scott’s Branch High School. Thereafter, I joined the U. S. Military and Reserves. During my military service I attended and graduated from South Carolina State College. Following undergraduate college, I attended Georgetown University law school during the following summer; I followed-up my law school career at the university of South Carolina. During law school, I joined the South Carolina National Guard and was activate and assigned to serve in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Sheild which turned into Operation Desert Storm. I am a divorcee with one daughter and one grand-daughter and two dogs. I am a primary Caretaker for my Father. I have six (6) brothers and sisters.

TMT: Why are you running for State Senator?

EC: I am now a Candidate for State Senator because I believe that our present State Senator has been neglecting his duty to serve all of the citizens of Senate District 36. He does not display concerns for all of the district, and he is extremely defensive when conversating with him.

I have the ability to understand the concerns of Senior Citizens, women health issues, United States Veterans concerns, working with other senators and house members of other political parties to get a task done and completed. I am an experienced organizational negotiator. My opponent does not have these skills.

TMT: Who encouraged you to run?

EC: I ran in the past and declared that I would never do it again. However, the very concerns that I had observed were also observed by many others. These people were family, friends and other clients of my law office. During my daily and out of office activities I would often be approached and asked if would consider running again. After much prayer and discussions with my family, friends and many other strangers in Wal-Mart stores I gave it serious consideration. After I announced that I was considering it, I learned that my opponent and his family member began attacking me with State-wide party members and challenging my home and business residency.

After a South Carolina State Circuit Court Judge ruled against them for attacking my home and business residence I thereafter agreed to seek the Office.

TMT: How would you describe your personal political ideology and/or affiliation?

EC: I am a very progressive person; I do not believe that a person should serve in ANY political office for life. I believe in term limits for members of the House of Representatives (Four terms) and no more than two (2) terms in the S. C. Senate. Whatever political goals you want to accomplish can be done within eight (8) years.

TMT: How have you been involved in the community?

EC: I have served more than a decade as a School Board member and have represented several school districts and other municipalities around the state of South Carolina. I have continued to perform these duties to the present date. I am actively performing free legal service to those in the community who cannot afford an attorney to protect their rights against abuses of the government and large corporations.

TMT: What endorsements have you received?

EC: While I have received several endorsements from people who demonstrate that they support my campaign, I do not believe that they should be a determinative factor in me winning my campaign. I am only concerned about one endorsement and that endorsement comes from the voters of S. C. Senate District 36.

TMT: How are you funding your campaign?

EC: I am presently Self-funding my campaign because of the malicious challenge to my character and reputation by my opponent, Kevin Johnson and his daughter Kimberly Johnson. They created an issue about my eligibility to get on the ballot. They both utilized their personal friendship with the Party Chairperson to prevent me from early fund raising and campaigning in the community. I loss a month of campaign preparation.

TMT: What are the three most common issues voters are bringing up to you as you campaign?


1. Employment

2. Senior Citizen Care with Home based Services

3. Support for Public Education and Health-care

TMT: How do you plan to address income inequality and promote economic growth in your district?

EC: As to income inequality between the genders, I believe the proper legislation should be created to fine and/or punish those engaged in such improper conduct. Of course, fines and/or punishment do not include any form of incarceration but instead as preventive measures.

As to promoting economic growth the legislature should pass laws designed to promote tax incentives for companies willing to relocate to South Carolina. While I believe in fair wages for fair work, I do not believe that a company should be required to increase the price of their product in order to struggle with salaries concerns.

TMT: How will you work to improve access to quality healthcare and affordable education in your district?

EC: I am a stern believer that the State of South Carolina should demand our fair share of any federal tax dollars to aid and assist those in need of continuous health care. I believe strongly in preventive health-care measures. I believe that the State should contribute more to public education particularly to local rural school districts.

TMT: Describe an ethical dilemma you’ve faced. How did you resolve it?

EC: In the past I was unfairly accused, pursued, politically and unethically challenged. Because of whom the parties were that engaged me in this challenged conduct I was bound by the out-come of the entity. I strongly disagreed with that out-come, but I recognized that until things change, he who has the Gold makes creates the Rule.

TMT: How would you handle situations where your party’s leadership takes a position that conflicts with the interests of your constituents?

EC: Because my loyalty is first to my constituents, I would insist that the party change its position. If not, then I will pursue the interests of my constituents.

TMT: Do you believe that registered Democrats should be able to vote in Republican primaries and vice versa? Why or why not?

EC: I believe that voting is the personal choice of each voter. When you are required to register for a political party you are now forcing the creation of political divisions. It is crazy to believe that the best candidate is either a Democrat or a Republican. Sometime its this one and the next time it may be another.

TMT: If you were to win the primary, would you broaden your message to appeal to voters outside your own party? If so, how?

EC: Absolutely YES! When you are serving in any public office you will be serving all of the people without regard to their political persuasions. I am a strong believer in town hall meetings. Even when a person is wrong in his/her opinion I feel he/she should be able to safely present it.

The division between political parties in Clarendon County seems to be at all-time high. How would you promote or encourage unity and collaboration among our county’s elected officials?

I believe in shared leadership by and through political appointments; further we should engage in quarterly or simi-annually joint meetings and rallies for all to attend regardless of political affiliation.

TMT: What do you feel sets you apart from the other candidates?

EC: I am a military veteran who has led other members of the military through life and death COMBAT ZONES, and I have engaged strategies designed to save lives. I can work while under extreme pressure, and I will always come out on top of that situation. Even though my patience can be enduring, I know when to disengage in any given situation.