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CSD4 to move two schools to remote learning amid COVID-19 staff absentees


Two school district 4 schools will be sent to virtual learning starting tomorrow, Jan 12, after staff abscences reached too high a number to continue in-person learning. CSD4 released this statement:

"In monitoring COVID-19 development in our schools, the data metrics have led the district to make a temporary instructional shift. Based upon the data collected, Clarendon County School District 4 will be moving Dr. Rose Wilder Elementary School and Walker Gamble Elementary to remote learning for six (6) days beginning January 12, 2022. The move to remote learning aligns with the district's COVID-19 Play-by-Play instructional protocol due to high staff absenteeism. "

This comes after the district has taken increased measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Including retaining the 10-day quarantine for staff and students even after the CDC dropped their reccomendation to a 5-day quarantine. Here is their statement concerning that:

"During the week of December 27, 2021, the CDC released guidance that allows for the option of a shorter, five-day quarantine and isolation period in some specific situations. The district’s COVID-19 Response Team has reviewed that guidance, and as with all our other risk mitigation procedures, we have concluded that continuity of our current COVID-19 Play-by-Play protocols is warranted. That includes using the ten-day period for exclusion from school/work. Clarendon County School District 4 will not consider any changes to our mitigation policies and procedures until we have had more time to gather data on the impact COVID-19 is having on our learning community following the Winter Break. While the district does not support a mask mandate, Clarendon School District 4 will continue to strongly encourage wearing masks in our schools, buses, and other district-owned facilities."

As COVID-19 numbers begin to rise once again, CSD4 will continue to monitor their staff to ensure their students the greatest level of safety.


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