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CSD1 hands out report cards amid virus


Historic Clarendon School District One’s objective is stated on their website, and reads as follows: “Our mission is to provide an effective teaching and learning environment in partnership with the home, school, and community that will enable our students to be productive citizens in a global, technological society.

That mission is actively being pursued by the administration, faculty, and staff of this school district. From its beginnings as the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement to this pandemic that has swept across America’s fruited plains. The Clarendon School District One family of educators continue to reach the students during this pandemic.

Monday October the 26th was a teacher work- day, as the teachers from each of the schools within the District passed out report cards, for their drive by pickup zones. The teachers at each school lined the car rider area of their respective schools. They passed out report cards and set up virtual parent teacher conference meeting. Teachers were engaged in this endeavor from 10:45am through 6:00pm. The staff of each school were enthusiastic and motivated withdelightattheprospectof speaking with parents of their students. The parents that appeared were delighted as well.

Ms. Marlene Golding, a teacher at Dr. Rose H. Wild- er Elementary was recently selected as, “Teacher of the Year” for Clarendon School District One (CSD1). Ms. Golding, a 3rd grade FACES teacher, stated, “Report card day this quarter was such an exhilarating experience. It was one of the happiest moments I have witnessed, whereas the parents and teachers related in such a positive way. There was contagious energy all around as parents drove up, everyone wearing a genuine countenance that was evident even though we

were wearing our personal protective equipment. Our new reality has promoted a great deal of change. With so much change, I believe the novel idea of relationship building in our school family can only flourish and grow.”

The Principal, Mr. Joaquin Brown of Dr. Rose H. Wilder Elementary, Ms. Golding, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Related Arts teams and the Ms. Bridgett Wells the school reading coach were all present and account- ed for in speaking to parents at this event. These educators were readily providing the report cards to parents for the first nine weeks of school.

Principal Joaquin Brown a graduate of CSD1 and native son of Summerton was facilitating the needs of his staff as they donned their masks and observed all the CDC guidelines.

Tuesday October 27th was the start of the “HYBRID LEARNING MODEL” for the A schedule of students within CSD1. A schedule student(s) attend class within their school on Mondays & Tuesdays. B schedule student(s) attend on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Additionally, there are parents who opted out of the A & B schedules and chose to have their children continue through the virtual learning portal executed through the

Students exited the buses and their privately owned vehicles (POVs)onto the school grounds. Greeted by the school(s) nurse(s)who immediately take the temperature of students. Students are then directed into the building spread six feet apart. They enter their classes and sit at partitioned desks, which are also spread at least 6 feet apart within the classroom.

As Clarendon School District 1 navigates their approach to the hybrid learning environment. Through the implementation of additional techniques in instruction.


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