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Clarendon woman gives back to oncology seniors


Faye Coker has been a Mary Kay consultant for the past year and a half. She became involved with the mary kay products when a friend mentioned the idea to her. At the beginning of April Coker felt the desire and need to give back to the elderly people at the South Carolina Oncology center in Columbia, SC where she and her husband still go today. 

“I am a cancer warrior and my husband is a cancer survivor,” said Coker.

 She wanted to give back to those in the center by gifting them with Mary Kay gifts which include a mint foot cream, hand cream, and a lip cream. Coker has wrapped each of these items into decorated bags and is selling them for twenty dollars. Each of these bags will be gifted to the elderly at the Oncology center. She created this idea as an Easter gift for those in the center and has sold one hundred and nineteen. She moved her goal of sales to two hundred and has the intention to continue this idea for mothers day as well.

“I enjoy doing this because I know what it’s like laying there not knowing if you’re going to make it or not,” said Coker on why she is donating to these patients with these generous gifts.

Anyone interested in purchasing these gift bags or donating can contact the Manning Times at (803)-435-8422 for more information. 


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