Crime News

Clarendon crime blotter



On May 31, at 11:45 p.m., officers were already on scene at the 300th block of Collins St assisting with evidence of an apparent shooting. Shell casings and blood were present, as well as one person already in the ER claiming they had been shot.

Sometime later, around 12:45 a.m., officers were advised that a male arrived at the Fire Department on Commerce St needing medical assistance. Fire fighters advised officers that they heard loud knocking on the door and found the complainant, who had been shot. Officers arrived at the FD in less than two minutes and spoke with the complainant as EMS examined him. The complainant had a serious gunshot wound to his right foot and stated he had been shot.  The complainant stated he had both hips replaced and he fell on his left hip, dislocating it. He stated that earlier in the evening, he got out of his car, heard shots and was hit. The complainant stated that he had no idea who shot him, nor did he see a vehicle. He stated he was able to drag himself down the road, through the woods behind DSS and eventually to the fire department.

The complainant was very upset, crying, and was unable to locate his phone or remember any phone numbers. The complainant stated he was happy to see law enforcement but needed a moment to collect himself. He was transported by EMS to the ER.



On May 26th, officers with the Manning Police Department responded to the area of Dyson St and 2nd St in reference to gunshots being heard. Upon arrival in the area, officers met with the complainant at the roadway. They advised officers that a residence in the 200th block of Dyson St got hit and that two to three subjects ran toward Oakland Ave after the shots were fired.

Officers went to the home and spoke to the resident, who was in the yard and advised that the subjects were shooting from an empty lot next to his home. The resident advised that he could see a light that the subjects were using and could not provide any descriptions. The resident also stated that the side door of his home was where the shots were concentrated.

Officers asked for permission to come on to the property due to previous refusals at this location. Permission was granted and officers observed approximately five bullet entrances in the damaged side door. Officers photographed the damage with their body cameras.  Officers spoke with another person residing at the home who advised that only one bullet came into the home. Officers asked for permission to enter the home to photograph and process the damage. The second resident refused entry.  The vacant lot, where the shots originated, was searched by officers. They were able to locate one 9mm shell casing by a group of trees. The shell casing was marked and photographed by officers with their body cameras. The casing was then collected and placed into evidence at the Manning Police Department.



On May 31, at approximately 10:28 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 200th block of S Barfield St for gunshots heard. Once in the area, an officer was flagged down by the complainant and additional officers arrived on scene.  The complainant had abrasions on and around his nose and advised he was beaten up by “KT”, later identified as Kenthwan Conyers, 42, of Manning. The complainant stated he was at the 300th block of Canal St when Conyers entered the residence as well. He stated that Conyers was upset with him, and they got into an argument. Conyers physically beat the complainant and when the complainant left the residence, Conyers came to the yard, pulled a gun and fired into the air. The complainant stated he was able to get his phone and call for help after Conyers left.  EMS arrived on scene and checked the complainant. Officers then went to the home at Canal St and spoke with resident there. The resident’s story coincided with the complainant. The complainant then refused to go with EMS and went to a friend’s house in the 200th block of Packard Lane. The complainant stated that he wished to press charges.