Clarendon County Sheriff's Office announces "Are You Ok" Program

The Clarendon County Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce the implementation of the “Are You OK” program. This is a program designed to help check on the well being of our elderly as well as disabled citizens that reside within Clarendon County.
This program is designed to allow residents, who fit in this category, to register with the program and after registering, call in to the Sheriff’s Office Monday through Friday by 10am. If we, at the Sheriff’s Office, have not heard from the registered individual, we will attempt to contact them through the information they provided us with when they registered. If contact is not made by telephone, an officer will go to their residence and check on them in person. On weekends and holidays when the office is closed, participants will be advised to call 911 if they have a medical emergency and we will follow up with them the next business day.
There have been many incidents throughout the county in which individuals have been in their home for days, even months and have been deceased. They had no one to keep check on them. We are in hopes this program will help someone who is living alone, with no one to check on them, from ending up in this same type of situation.
This program is utilized in the City of Sumter by the Sumter Police Department, and they have shared it with us.
The application and instructions to participate in this program are attached to this announcement via the Clarendon County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, as well as the Clarendon County Sheriff's Office Web page at