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Clarendon County Sheriff’s Department donates training vehicle to F.E. Dubose Career Center Law Enforcement Program


In a generous act of support for local law enforcement education, the Clarendon County Sheriff's Department has donated a fully equipped training vehicle to the F.E. Dubose Career Center Law Enforcement Program. Sheriff Tim Baxley officially handed over the keys to the vehicle earlier today.

The donation was received by Mrs. Ladell Grice, the esteemed Law Enforcement Instructor at F.E. Dubose Career Center, who has been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of law enforcement professionals. Sheriff Baxley praised Mrs. Grice for her unwavering commitment and dedication to the program. “Mrs. Grice’s dedication to her students and their future careers in law enforcement is commendable. We are proud to support her and the program with this donation,” said Sheriff Baxley.

The donated vehicle is over mileage for the fleet and has been replaced by a newer vehicle to ensure officers have the most updated tools to do their job. The now training vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art features including working lights, a walkie system, and an onboard camera system. These tools are essential for providing students with realistic, hands-on workforce simulated learning experiences. This addition to the program will allow students to practice real-world scenarios in a controlled and educational environment, enhancing their readiness for future careers in law enforcement.

Mrs. Grice expressed her gratitude for the donation: “This vehicle is not just a tool, but a significant asset in enhancing the educational experience of our students. It will provide them with invaluable practical exposure to the technology and equipment used in modern law enforcement.”

The donation signifies a strong partnership between the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Department and Clarendon County School District which is aimed at fostering career readiness in the community. It also underscores the commitment to investing in the education of future law enforcement officers who will one day serve and protect their communities.