Clarendon Consolidated School District 4 Board Meeting Agenda - June 21

Monday, June 21, 2021 | 6:00 p.m. Clarendon School District One Board Room Summerton, SC To Join: via call 1-646-558-8656; via App: ZOOM Meeting ID: 979 4367 3736; Passcode: 8tD6kn Public Participation (Policy BEDH) Directions: Any individual desiring to speak during the public forum time of the meeting will give his or her name, address, and the group he/she represents to the board secretary at least five minutes before the board meeting begins via direct message on the ZOOM App or email at . If the board determines there is not sufficient time at a meeting for public comments, the comment period may be deferred to the next scheduled meeting or to a special called meeting. The board reserves the right to allocate a period of time for this purpose and limit time for speakers accordingly. The Board welcomes public participation at board meetings. Please be reminded that all speakers’ remarks must be limited to 3 minutes or less. We ask that speakers be mindful that this is a business meeting and open to the public. This Board asks that speakers conduct themselves professionally and that their comments remain civil and courteous, bearing in mind that they will be heard by people of all ages. This is an opportunity for Clarendon County residents, community members and parents/guardians to address the Board about issues that serve the public interest and District mission. The Board asks that speakers demonstrate appropriate decorum. AGENDA 1.CALL TO ORDER 2.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3.MOMENT OF SILENCE 4.APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA 5.APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF THE MAY 17, 2021 MEETING 6.PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (POLICY BEDH) (See directions above) 7.SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT a. 21-22 Board Meeting Dates b. Update from Clarendon 1 and 3 Board Chairs – Mr. Bonaparte and Mr. Frierson 8.DISCUSSION ITEMS a.Financial Update on Clarendon 1 and 3 b.Update on Consolidation of Clarendon 2 and 4 c.Update on ESSER I, II and III funds d.ESSER III Plan – Request for Input 9.EXECUTIVE SESSION a. Personnel hiring discussions and recommendations for 2021-2022 b. Discussion for legal services (per Policy BDA) 2021-2022 c. Contract addendum for financial services 2021-2022 10. ACTION ITEMS a. Approval of Personnel Recommendations for 2021-2022 b. Approval of Legal Services Providers (BDA) c. Approval of Second Reading of K Policies 1.KA-School/Parent/Community Relations 2.KB-Parent and Family Engagement in Education 3.KBB-Parent Rights and Responsibilities 4.KBE-Relations with Parent Organizations 5.KC-Career and Technical Education Planning and Appeals 6.KCA-School/Community Relations Goals 7.KCD-Public Gifts/Donations 8.KD-Public Information and Communication 9.KDB/E-Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information 10.KDC-District-Sponsored Information Media 11.KDCB-Concealed Recording 12.KDD-Media Relations 13.KDDA-Press Releases, Conferences, and Interviews 14.KE-Public Concerns and Complaints 15.KEC/R/E-Public Concerns and Complaints About Instructional Resources 16.KF/R/E1/E2-Community Use of School Facilities 17.KFA-Open Community Use of School Recreational Areas 18.KG-Business and Industry Involvement in Education 19.KHC-Distribution/Posting of Promotional Materials 20.KHE-Political Solicitations in Schools 21.KI/R/E-Visitors 22.KJ-Relations with Community Organizations 23.KLG-Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies 24.KLGA-School Resource Officers d. Approval of Second Reading of L Policies 1.LA-Education Agency Relations Goals and Objectives 2.LBA-Shared Services and Staff 3.LH-Relations With Educational Accreditation Agencies e. Approval of Policy JFAA – Admission of Resident Students Revisions (if necessary) f. Approval of Policy JFAB – Admission of Non-Resident Students Revisions (if necessary) g. Approval of Policy GCC, GCC-R – Professional Staff Leaves and Absences Revisions (if necessary) h. Approval of Policy GDC, GDC-R Support Staff Leaves and Absences Revisions (if necessary) i. Approval of Policy GDD – Support Staff Vacations and Holidays Revisions (if necessary) j. Approval of 2021-2022 Board Meeting Dates k. Approval of Contract for Athletic Field Groundskeeping l. Approval of MOU for College Advising Corps m. Approval to join JUUL Lawsuit n. Approval of Christian Learning Center course o. Approval of Out-of-State Field Trip for East Clarendon students p. Approval of MOU for Carolina CAP program 11. ADJOURNMENT


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