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Chess; the game of Kings, Queens, Castles, Bishops, Knights, and Pawns have been growing exponentially in society. This game has been around for centuries. The rise in popularity in this area can be attributed to the Clarendon County Schools of Scott’s Branch Middle/High and Dr. Rose H. Wilder Elementary. Chess has been encouraging and enriching the lives of those students with the formation of the Eagles Chess Team & Club. 

The Scott’s Branch Middle/High School Eagles Chess Team & Club hosted the Dr. Barbara Ragin Champagne Fall Classic Chess Championship. The tournament was named after the former Superintendent of what was Historic Clarendon School District One. During her tenure as Superintendent, Dr. Champagne always supported the Eagles Chess Team & Club.  

The tournament was held on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022. This tournament determined who was the champion among the schools in the Summerton area.  

Chess is not concerned with your age, gender, economic background, or political affiliation. The only thing that is important to chess is how you play the game. The motto of the Eagles Chess Team & Club is, “Play Your Position.” The benefits of chess in education and in life to the minds of young and old are innumerable. Chess helps with concentration, memory, logic, IQ, creativity, patience, self-control, mathematical thinking, problem solving, delayed gratification, and brain growth just to name a few. 

The Dr. Barbara R. Champagne Fall Classic Chess Championship game play began at 9:00 a.m. Saturday’s championship was exciting, and the students really had a great deal of fun. Five rounds of SWISS/30 intense chess play. 

The sixth-grade class dominated the tournament. 5th place went to Romera James. 4th place went to Claud R. Barton III. 3rd place went to Jonah Forrest. 2nd place went to David Mouldin.  The new Eagles Chess Team & Club Champion and winner of the Dr. Barbara Ragin Champagne Fall Classic Chess Championship is Sebrina Renee Tucker.   

Thanks are sent out to Dr. Barbara R. Champagne, Scott's Branch Middle/High School Principal Dr. Holness Samuels, Director of the Alternative School Henry Williams who served as tournament judge. Special thanks to retired educator Mr. Harold Ehnhuus for his service as tournament official/Coach. Thank you to the parents who allow their children to participate, and special thanks to those parents who served as game monitors. Ms. Sasha Tucker and Mr. Anthony Gardenhire. The Eagles Chess Team & Club thanks everyone who made this a better than spectacular event. 

The gauntlet has been thrown down and the Eagles Chess Team & Club looks forward to competing again this semester. Perhaps against other schools in Clarendon County School District. Or even at the K-12 National Championships in Orlando Florida. “Play Your Position.” Go Eagles.


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