CCSO arrest wanted suspect for multiple drug charges in Summerton


On Tuesday July 2, 2024, agents with the Clarendon County Combined Narcotics Unit (Comprised of Agents from Clarendon County S.0. and from Manning P.D.) arrested Jacquba Turner GREEN for multiple narcotics offenses. On July 2, 2024. agents observed GREEN driving a camouflage golf cart on Washington Street in the Summerton area of Clarendon County. Agents also knew that there was an arrest warrant for GREEN. Agents then initiated a traffic stop on the golf cart. GREEN then began to flee from agents on the golf cart, then on foot. Agents were able to take Green into custody. Agents recovered a quantity of suspected Cocaine along with U.S. Currency at the scene. A search warrant was executed at GREEN's residence which is located at 1042 Louis Street, Summerton S.C. There, agents recovered a quantity of suspected Marijuana, Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Morphine Tablets, and a total $22,544 in U.S. Currency.

GREEN was transported to the Clarendon County Detention Center and charged with the following offenses: Distribution of Crack Cocaine 3* Offense (3 counts)

Distribution Of Crack Cocaine w/in ½ mile of school or park (3 Counts)

P.W.I.D. Crack Cocaine 3º Offense P.W.I.D.

Crack Cocaine w/in ½ mile of School or park

P.W.I.D. Cocaine 3" Offense P.W.I.D.

Cocaine w/in ½ mile of School or park P.W.I.D.

Marijuana 2nd Offense P.W.I.D.

Marijuana w/in ½ mile of School or park P.W.I.D.

Morphine 3Rd Offense

P.W.I.D. Morphine w/in ½ of School or park

Failure to stop for blue lights