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CCSD secondary students show exponential growth


Clarendon County School District middle and high schools performed well on recent SCReady, SCPass, and EOC tests. Secondary principals took the past year to evolve and are continuing to grow as true Instructional Leaders of their building. More so, secondary administrators have a renewed focus on teaching and learning to further enhance academic achievement. Scores show that students continued to grow even through the pandemic.

In grades 6-8, students scoring Does Not Meet (DNM) on SCReady and SCPass decreased. However, the most significant accomplishment as a secondary unit was the percentage of students scoring DNM in ELA. In 2019, ELA DNM was 37.6%; that percentage has decreased to 22.8%, which means CCSD has more students who can read, write, and perform on grade level.

In CCSD high schools, ELA and Algebra 1 have a passing rate of 50% and above. High school ELA scores show the most substantial growth. Data confirms that in 2019, the passing rate average was 66%. Yet, even after the pandemic, students improved, and the current passing rate is 75% in ELA. This is phenomenal progress for secondary schools in the district, and CCSD leaders will continue to set high standards for students and teachers.

“We will continue to put systems in place so that we can continue on this ride to success while simultaneously addressing the individual needs of our students. Despite great gains, we acknowledge areas of concern in several content areas, which will drive our focus areas this year,” stated Dr. Tyneshia Eaddy, Director of Secondary Education in CCSD. “Our areas of concern on the middle and high school levels is still math. In addition, high school Biology 1 and US History remain a concern. As the Director of Secondary Education, I will continue to supervise and hold everyone accountable to ensure that students learn and teachers teach on grade level because our students deserve the best. My job is to ensure that academics are at the forefront in all Clarendon County School District secondary schools.”