Camper Project Complete

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My camper project is complete. It wasn’t really a project at all but my wife was scared it was going to start. I’ve been watching videos about people that are living in campers and traveling all over. There are a lot of people doing this and they put out videos about how they customized a camper and are living the life on the road. They really are neat videos. 

People are building little houses and putting them on trucks. Others have just bought recreational vehicles. There are a lot of people that have renovated school buses and made them into neat rolling homes. There are videos of people sleeping in cars, beds of pickups, and just plain old throwing out a tent and sleeping on the ground. They go everywhere from Alaska to Argentina. 

These are clever and resourceful people. Some people are living out their retirement dreams and saving a lot of money along the way. No property taxes, no utilities and they do it with a little vehicle maintenance and little else.

Some of the works they do on their little homes are genius. Add in the thought of getting rid of all the stuff that clutters up your space and mind and it seems like an idyllic lifestyle.

I’ve been watching these videos for about a month. These people are going to some neat places. One night I was watching a guy renovate his little cabin that he built on the back of his pickup. It’s a nice rig. My wife said that she would consider helping me build some type of camper but she wasn’t going to leave home and travel and the country with no bathroom.

There wasn’t much danger in this happening at all. These neat little houses are easy to get over. The Post Office in Greeleyville was in a small truck for awhile. The people in there said it didn’t take but a week to get over the tiny house stuff.

My wife thinks that camping is a Holiday Inn Express. This business of going out into the desert of public lands in the Southwestern US wasn’t for her. Carrying water in five-gallon buckets or jerry cans was not going to suit her. Greeleyville Water Dept. just works too well.

After looking at all these videos, I’m on to something else. Now I’m watching people that are fixing up sailboats and are sailing around the world. That’s really neat too. They seem to have all this fun in the Caribbean. And then head through the Panama Canal to strike out across the Pacific. While this seems fun to be fishing every day and relaxing on deck reading books, the month of sailing alone has some drawbacks too.

Once you get to French Polynesia, you still have to keep going for a year or so. Your other choice is to leave the boat and head back home.

After all these videos I’m looking for another set of things to watch. I watched enough videos to get my toolbox organized over a weekend.

Now I’m trying to find something that seems like a good hobby but something that doesn’t make me work too hard. I did see some kids doing some stuff with some little calves. Then I realized that I would have to build a barn and lawd knows what else. The worst part would be feeding the calves every day. 


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