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Buzy Bee buzzes through Clarendon


Nostalgia finds its way to Clarendon and bring happiness to many residents through Buzy Bee ice cream truck.  Excitement fills the air as music can be heard from hundreds of feet away and the ice cream truck makes its way down the hot summer streets of Clarendon. 

“I have always wanted to make people laugh and smile, and I had a dream of a rainbow and I followed it to the end hoping for a pot of gold, but when I got there it was an ice cream truck," said Lewis Mendes.

So, the next day Balinda Blanding and Lewis Mendes bought an ice cream truck and opened Buzy Bee in Clarendon County. 

“Several people have told us that we are the first ice cream truck in the county in forty five years," said Mendes.

Bee tries to cover the entire county and is typically open from 3 to 7:30pm daily. Even with the soaring gas prices, Buzy Bee is still taking it upon himself to still try and cover as much of the county as possible. If you would like to donate to them, you can do so through their Facebook page.

“I check Facebook to see who has requested for us to come to their neighborhood everyday and to see what flavors the community would like added to our menu," said Mendes.


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