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Burger Chick owner celebrates 15 years of ownership


At twenty-two years old while in school at Francis Marion University, J. Weinberg decided it was time to become a business owner. 

Weinberg said, “I just thought that it seemed like a good opportunity to break into the business world.”

Burger Chick was established in 1973. In 2007, William Roger, the owner at the time, decided that it was time to move on. This opened the opportunity for Weinberg. 

Weinberg said, “Meeting and getting to know the customers has been the best part about owning Burger Chick.”

Very few changes to the menu have been made over the years. Weinberg explained a change he made, saying, “We have added pork chops and taken a few items off.”

Burger Chick has been keeping up with current trends through their Facebook page. In their biography, they are listed as ‘an old school fast food joint,’ and they stay true to their biography.

Online customers can find the entire menu, different specials, and any special hours. Burger Chick also recognizes and appreciates its customers online,  adding to the ‘old school’ feeling.

Anyone who has lived in Clarendon County for more than ten years can tell you exactly what the inside of Burger Chick looks and smells like as there is no drive thru and that is a small part of what makes this restaurant so nostalgic and comforting to Clarendon residents. Weinberg credits his employees for the old school charm and excellent customer care that Burger Chick is known for.


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