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Atkinson named Clarendon County Veteran of the Year


On Friday, November 5th, Travis Atkinson was named veteran of the year. The 46 Veteran Salute honors South Carolina veterans. One veteran in each county will receive a certificate and a meal voucher. The recipients are announced and presented with their gifts starting November 1, 2021. In South Carolina, 46 veterans have been honored for their service.

After four years of service in the United States Navy, Atkinson was honored for his service in the United States military and was awarded this honor.

Atkinson received the award from Ken Davis, who represented SC Thrive. Vice president, internal controls examiner, and truist, Ladonna Manis, signed the plaque given to Atkinson that reads,

“For service while assigned to the United States Military. This member has contributed greatly to the success of the multinational effort. Their commendable performance is in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflects credit upon the state of South Carolina.”

About the SC Thrive 46 Veteran Salute

(October 11, 2021) SC Thrive, a statewide nonprofit, calls for nominations to honor 46 Veterans across the state. This event, entitled The 46 Veteran Salute will recognize one Veteran in each county in South Carolina with a certificate and a meal voucher. Beginning November 1, 2021, the recipients will be announced and presented or mailed their gifts. The 46 Veteran Salute is the start of a new focus in servicing the needs of Veterans statewide in collaboration with Truist Bank, Molina Healthcare, and Texas Roadhouse.

With multiple Veterans on staff, SC Thrive empathizes with the challenges that current and former service members face. SC Thrive helps Military and Veteran families access the benefits they deserve by breaking down barriers. For example, SC Thrive created the SCVets Guide which includes information on housing, healthcare, employment, and other services for Veterans in South Carolina. Now, to more holistically aid current and former servicepeople, SC Thrive is expanding their efforts.

As the relaunch of their Veterans Support Program rolls out, SC Thrive plans to implement the following:

About SC Thrive

SC Thrive helps South Carolinians navigate the complex systems of available benefits, leading those in need to stability while positively impacting quality of life in communities statewide.


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