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4-H awards 5


Clarendon County 4-H held its annual meeting on May 3rd, 2022, at which five children were honored for winning first and second place in the state (WHEP challenge, which took place on Saturday, April 30th). This was a state event held at Nemours Wildlife Plantation near Beaufort, involving 4-H and FFA participants from across the state.The challenge was a team challenge in which they were given a scenario and were required to walk a section of the plantation property and produce a wildlife management plan based on the scenario of the wildlife species they were given. Since the end of January, these 4-H members have been preparing for this challenge. They’ve been attending Zoom sessions and researching different species of wildlife in South Carolina, as well as their habitats and the management strategies used by wildlife biologists to create habits for specific species. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the Clarendon County 4-H participated in this event last year, although it was held online. The kids were thrilled to be able to participate in this challenge outside and get the complete experience. Ridge Gardener, Blake Profit, and Irelynn Connor were on the winning junior team. The Senior team, which featured Gavin Parler and Gavin Hof, finished second in the team management challenge.

Ridge Gardener took first place in the individual wildlife challenge, and Blake Profit placed second. Both of these boys represented the Clarendon County 4-H in the individual wildlife challenge. In the individual on-site recommendation challenge, Gavin Parler took first place.

When expressing how these events benefit 4-H members, Tina Profit stated, “They had to work and collaborate together on the team challenge, so that was a good experience for several of them.”