Need Auto Glass Repair? Don’t Despair


(NewsUSA) - Everyone with a car needs auto glass repair at some point, but it need not be an expensive or stressful process.

Cracks larger than 10 inches can reduce vision of the road in front of you, greatly reducing road safety. No one plans for auto glass repair, and Auto Glass Now is committed to getting car owners back on the road quickly, on their schedule.

Auto Glass Now, the company known for fast, reliable, and convenient auto glass services, has expanded to more than 200 locations in 35 states.

Auto Glass Now’s local experts are there when you need them, providing reliable auto glass repair and replacement services at reasonable prices, without sacrificing high quality, convenience, or customer satisfaction. Their teams can help provide trusted auto glass repairs, replacements, and ADAS calibrations.

Auto Glass Now“Auto Glass Now is committed to offering unparalleled convenience, value, and customer satisfaction,” says President Nick Ouimet. “
Auto Glass Now’s key customer offerings that set it apart include same day or next day service, convenient and flexible repair times tailored to each customer’s schedule, and a choice of in-store or mobile repairs. Other benefits include guaranteed price matching, flexible payment options, including buy now/pay later, and acceptance of all insurance.

In addition to these great benefits, Auto Glass Now also offers a Lifetime Warranty against any leaks, molding issues, or defects in the glass. “If our original work requires adjustment or repair, we are happy to repair it at no cost to you as long as you own or lease the vehicle we serviced,” Ouimet says.

Be on the lookout for a new advertising campaign with humorous ads that convey the urgency for customers to schedule their auto glass repairs today: "Auto Glass Now gets you auto glass now!" In addition to the humor, Ouimet says customers should know that “Auto Glass Now is committed to being a leader in the auto glass repair industry..”

As part of the Driven Brands family, Auto Glass Now delivers national scale and efficiency, as well as premier service quality. For more information and to find a service center near you, visit