How to prepare your vehicle and secure your home for a summer road trip


(BPT) - As peak summer travel season approaches, the cost and stress associated with road trips are top concerns for many travelers. With 43% of households planning road trips as their top travel plan this year, proper preparation of both your vehicle and home is essential. Mercury Insurance offers critical tips to ensure your vehicle is road-ready and your home is secure, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead. These preparations can not only enhance your trip experience but also provide peace of mind while you’re away.

"Preparing your vehicle and securing your home are critical steps before embarking on a summer road trip," said Kevin Quinn, vice president of Auto Claims at Mercury Insurance. "Taking these steps can significantly reduce the chances of unexpected incidents and help ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey."

Mercury’s guide to a worry-free road trip

Vehicle readiness:

  • Maintenance checks: Regular maintenance, such as oil changes and fluid checks, is indispensable, particularly before a long trip. Ensuring your air conditioning is up to the task is also crucial for beating the summer heat.
  • Tire safety: Proper tire maintenance, including checking tire pressure, alignment and tread wear, is vital for safe driving and fuel efficiency.
  • Lighting system check: Ensure all lights and signals are functional to communicate effectively with other drivers during day and night.
  • Emergency kit essentials: A well-stocked emergency kit should include items like road flares, jumper cables and basic tools to handle unexpected roadside issues.

Home security:

  • Precautions before leaving: Secure all entry points and activate your security system. Inform a trusted neighbor or friend about your travel plans so they can keep an eye on your property.
  • Social media awareness: Delay posting about your trip to avoid tipping off potential burglars. Share your memories once you are safely home.
  • Insurance coverage: Review your home insurance policy to ensure you are covered against any possible incidents that could occur while you are away.

Planning and preparation:

  • Route and weather planning: Check your travel route for any potential disruptions like road work or severe weather conditions. Plan fuel stops or charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) accordingly.
  • Local emergency information: Keep contact information for emergency services and local contacts accessible throughout your journey.

"Mercury Insurance is committed to supporting your summer travel plans with comprehensive advice and insurance solutions tailored to your needs," Quinn said. As you prepare for your road trip, consider speaking with a Mercury Insurance agent to ensure that both your vehicle and home are adequately protected.

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