Fostering Resilience, Reaping Rewards: DeVry’s Class of 2024


(BPT) - Across the U.S., higher education is in flux. This can make focusing on education and the future feel overwhelming for many students. But for DeVry University’s students, who often balance classes with careers, families and other personal obligations, successfully meeting challenges is familiar territory. This year’s graduating class, like those before them, has demonstrated and embodied the resilience fostered and supported by the institution.

“DeVry and Keller made it possible to continue my career and education simultaneously,” said Ebony Lawal, a DeVry graduate and now a graduate from the Keller School of Management’s MBA program. “The most memorable part of my journey has been the support of my adviser, who kept me going through difficult times and helped me to find a career path that matches my goals.”

On Sunday, June 9, in Rosemont, Illinois, more than 2,000 students crossed the stage during commencement ceremonies for DeVry University and its Keller Graduate School of Management in celebration of their accomplishments and ability to thrive in the face of difficulties.

“I am exceptionally proud of our graduates for reaching this significant milestone. This achievement is a testament to their hard work, determination and perseverance,” added Elise Awwad, president and CEO of DeVry University. “The challenges in today’s world are immense, but as graduates of DeVry University, they have the skills to take on those challenges and make impactful contributions to their workplaces and communities.”

Tech visionary and proud alumna emphasizes Belief in the Possible

This year’s commencement keynote speaker, Edwige A. Robinson — DeVry and Keller alum — knows the challenges and rewards of higher education. For her, education allowed her to bet on herself and open new doors. She exemplifies the grit, determination and self-belief cultivated at DeVry.

When speaking to this year’s graduates, Robinson emphasized betting on yourself. “When you think about it, a new manager or company will bet on you by just looking at your resume and hiring you. So, if a stranger can bet on you, why can’t you bet on yourself?” she pointed out.

Robinson’s educational journey began in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. She eventually immigrated to the U.S., learned English and quickly found a passion for technology. She is a trailblazing senior executive in strategy and innovation and is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Robinson is passionate about mentorship, regularly sharing her insights and experience with young girls and women through several organizations and entities, including DeVry’s Women+Tech Scholars Program.

“I believe that achieving a goal, dream or aspiration begins in one’s mind, an inner work where you first envision overcoming all possible obstacles,” she explained. “And that belief inside of yourself serves as a kind of seed planting and germination for your dream to grow.”

Resiliency in action

Every commencement ceremony celebrates student achievement. But the celebration is even more profound when students overcome obstacles to achieve an education.

DeVry’s commencement ceremonies cap off a two-day Commencement Weekend. On Saturday, June 8, the university hosted DeVry Day, a career planning and alumni networking event to help graduates further prepare for what’s next. Alumni participation fosters community and shows graduates how far an education can take them.

“Education, undeniably, remains an influential force with timeless significance. Once an individual attains an educational milestone, it becomes an enduring possession,” said Awwad. “However, our commitment to our students doesn’t end at commencement. Our mission remains the same — to help learners at any stage of their journey create thriving careers in an economy transformed by technology,” she concluded.

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