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(Head Coach Verner H. Tindal to the far right in the red blouse along with her assistant coach, Jessica Hare third person to her left with the red blouse, with a portion of the Lady Junior Varsity Monarchs)

A big thank you to CSD2 and parents for allowing me to be the head Junior Varsity Manning High School coach for such awesome and talented group of young ladies. We had a successful season(14-2) as we learned the game of basketball and each other. A bond that will last for eternity. A daughter or daughters of my own was not what God blessed me to have because he saw things in my life before I did. But thank him for the ten beautiful ladies that came into my life that I took as my own daughters. I love all of you and don’t let this be the end of your basketball career! Love always, Coach Verner H. Tindal

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