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by | March 11, 2018 1:32 pm

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Our country has been shaken to its depths in the past few days and weeks because of the needless slaughter of our young people in or schools. We ask ourselves how could this happen again and again, and because we have not answered that question, our young people have taken it into their own hands as they plan walk-outs, sit-ins and marches to Washington.

The profile of the murderers seems to be the same: lone, isolated young men who have a fondness for guns and have suffered a loss of some kind. Note to young people: when you see a person being bullied or sitting without friends in the lunchroom, be a hero and seek out that person. Try to be a friend and listen to them. If you hear a young man obsessed with guns, tell an adult about your knowledge. That may be your life, young person. Try to save it.

And while we talk about gun control and other external ideas to halt this senseless slaughter, I offer the following… there is an internal need to solve this problem.

Parents, where are you when your kid starts to collect 10-15 guns and rifles? This is not a hobby, this is danger to our children. Parents, have you taught your kids respect for their teachers, policemen and yourselves? We need to teach respect and love for our fellow human beings.

When I was young, I was taught to say “yes ma’am, and no sir” to my parents and elders. The policeman on the beat was my friend and my safety. And my teachers were paths to my own future. I didn’t know what kind of discipline lay behind the principal’s office, but I knew I didn’t want to find out. I skipped school one time when I was a senior in high school. I skipped study hall because I wanted to go bowling with a friend. I learned quickly the penalty at school was a 10,000-word essay on Japan written in ink with no mistakes and then I received a second discipline when I got home. Parents, these are your kids we are talking about. If a child has been suspended from school, there needs to be some sort of supervision of those idle hours. Where has the common sense gone when children are kicked out of school and are at loose ends to get into further trouble? Does anyone care?

Dr. Phil would say that every kid needs a soft spot to fall. One spot is at home and the other soft spot is the safety of the school. We need to help children find that spot at both places. Parents, teach your kids love and respect for others. Kids, help your classmates find friends, and lift them up when they are bullied. If a schoolmate acts sad or different, help them talk. This may be your life, young person.

I lost my oldest son to a senseless disease, and when he died, a piece of me died also. My younger son lost his best friend, his older brother. It hurts, and no parent should have to bury his or her child. We grieve for those parents who have lost their child due to a senseless action. Because I am a Christian, I can hold fast to my Father for support and hope for the future. But there are many who do not find this same hope.

Whatever you call your higher spirit, find the guidance to teach your kids to love and respect others. And young people, I hope you find this message because this could be your life. Try to save it. My prayers to all, and may God have mercy on the United States of America.

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  1. Comment by Danny Thomas

    March 11, 2018 at 15:33

    This is well written and reflects the thoughts of a good liberal. That is why I am shocked because it is written by someone that is active in the republican party and a huge Trump supporter. Maybe there is still hope.

  2. Comment by Lee

    March 11, 2018 at 16:38

    Just can’t stand it huh Danny? Got to bring politics into it.

  3. Comment by Moye Graham

    March 12, 2018 at 08:47

    I don’t know why anyone (Danny) would call this the thoughts of a good Liberal. These are the thoughts of a good Christian Lady who just so happens to be a very close personal friend. True she is a Conservative Republican and Social Conservative. She is active in our local Republican and State Party. I remember one day I was walking outside with Mrs. Barbara when she was leaving from uptown and she put her arms around me and said a Prayer for me right on the streets of Manning. You will not see a good Liberal do this in Public or Private. The problem of our kids in school is neither a Republican or Democrat problem. It is an American Family problem and it does begin at home and where our society is now. Not only is Mrs. Barbara prayers with God to have mercy on the United States of America but it is also my prayers and I assure you I ain’t a good Liberal. I am a Conservative Republican who just happens to be a President Trump supporter.

    Moye Graham, Chairman
    Clarendon Republican Party

  4. Comment by Zackry Pasquale

    March 13, 2018 at 18:42

    I am a very good liberal and I can assure you that we are much more concerned with the well being of children than some over our conservative friends. This past Sunday Secretary of Education DeVos stated that she had never visited under achieving school but only been to schools that were achieving high standards. If Ms. DeVos really cared about a child’s well being she would attend all schools. Also, if you will read Hillary Clinton’s book, It Takes A Villiage, you will know it is everyone’s responsibility to guide the lives of young people. Many times the guidance children receive at home is why they are misbehaving. Some parents do not know how to provide proper guidance.

  5. Comment by Everett

    March 16, 2018 at 18:31

    Well, she does condemn children from owning guns. As a child I had guns. About a dozen by the time I was 16. I never shot up a school. I was raised in a loving home and was taught respect for my fellow man. That is the root of the problem. Kids raising themselves. No amount of regulations on firearms will correct this. Hers IS a liberal agenda when she promotes liberal views. What about these little morons eating Tide. Wanna ban laundry detergent? Wake up people!

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