Disabled resident needs help building a ramp

by | February 23, 2017 3:09 am

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Dewey “Mark” Easler, a disabled resident of Manning, needs help with the cost of building a ramp to alleviate the daily task of using the steps to enter and leave his home.
Easler was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2006, but managed to hold his job down for three years after his diagnosis. By 2009, his health had deteriorated, and when the disease evolved into its “severe” stage, which included neuropathy, Easler had to let his job go.
He doesn’t get out much because of his disabilities, but he makes attempts to get out every day to perform his daily exercise routine of riding his tricycle and checking his mail.
His attempts to leave his home are not without anticipation and pain because of the lack of supplemental devices to help him.
Due to the meager metal steps built as a standard utility for his mobile home, there is only one handle next to the door for him to hold on to, which also came standard with the home.
“Once I open the door after climbing the first two steps, I have to pull myself up on a make-shift handle I made,” he said. “In order to pull myself up to the top step, I have to grab on to a book shelf inside by my door and yank myself into my house. Sometimes, I fall back out and I have to throw my weight around to pull myself into the house.”
Easley’s disability leaves him unable to feel anything from his knees down, so when a neuropathic pain strikes, he said it feels like stepping on a nail. He said he is unable to tell when a pain will strike, so he installed 14 makeshift handles throughout his home, all of which he constructed himself to enable him to walk through his house without falling.
Teresa Sides, a long-time friend, said that he falls a lot and he is on limited funds, so he is unable to pay for someone to build him a ramp.
“We have known each other since High school and he is a dear friend,” said Sides. “I just want to find help for him because I’m scared for him. I don’t want him to fall and get so hurt that he is unable to get help.”
With no transportation, he relies on help from his sister and her husband who travel from Moncks Corner to deliver his prescription medications to him. They recently installed a mailbox beside his front door and he is happy about being able to get his mail without having to rely on somebody else.
Easley said that he enjoys the luxury of getting his mail at his home but he still has to combat the steps. A ramp with side railings leading up to his door would provide relief for his daily challenges.
If you would like to help, please contact Sharon at (803) 435-8422, and she can put you in touch with Easley and his friends.

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