The best healthy late-night snacks

We have all been guilty of caving into our late night cravings. We've been taught for years that we should avoid eating during the night, there seems to be nothing wrong with having a healthy midnight snack, right? While eating at night doesn't seem to have such an awful impact on your weight as you think, that doesn't imply that all snacks are equally healthy. The best late-night snacks are anything but difficult to process. Here are a few advantageous alternatives for you. Make these low-calorie alternatives early for fast eating when you feel the munchies arriving; CEREAL Even in the early morning hours, there's no better breakfast meal than indulging in a nice bowl of cereal. If you end up reaching for the cereal box for a late night snack, try sticking to eating oatmeal, bran flake, or corn flake type brands. These cereals are rich in complex carbs which will be easy for your body to digest. These types of cereals are also known to be terrific low-calorie options, totaling up to 200 calories per bowl. APPLES AND PEANUT BUTTER This popular snack is an all-time favorite for numerous midnight snackers. Apple slices with peanut butter spread has always been a reputable healthy alternative to processed snacks like chips and candies. Apples have a generous supply of fiber and peanut butter is a fantastic source of protein. If you find yourself craving this tasty treat at night, be sure to pair your apple slices with organic peanut butter to eliminate any possibilities of artificial sweetener or filler ingredients. ln Not only are cherries sweet, tasty, and fun to snack on, they may actually help aid you in getting a good night's rest. Cherries are one of the few foods that contain melatonin, a hormone that controls the internal clock in your body. Eating cherries will slow down the body's natural processes, reduce body temperature, and encourage you to fall asleep. Midnight snacks are not always bad, in fact, they can be perfectly healthy as long as they are consumed within moderation. Ideal midnight snacks are under 200 calories. If you are a late night snacker, encourage yourself to keep foods around that are easy to digest so that feelings of fullness or bloatedness will not lessen your chances of falling asleep. - Newsmax Media


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