Right Place, Right Time

Teenage Heroes: Manning High Students Save Life


After facing difficult times, it is always wonderful to hear good news. This week, The Manning Times is bringing you a heartwarming story of two teenage heroes saving the day. “This gives me a little more faith in the teenagers because I pretty much had written them all off,” stated retired federal government worker, Mary Queen. 

Queen was delighted to see her young neighbors’ immediate help. Manning High Graduate Alyssa Patrick and Manning High Freshman Hailey Wendt were the first to arrive on the scene. The young girls took the time to help Mr. James Queen after seeing him lying in a small pool of blood from a head injury in his driveway. 

“We were riding the golf carts, and we saw Mr. James on the ground.” said Patrick. “He lifted his head, and we saw the blood. We turned around and went to the scene and my sister called 911.” 

The courageous girls alongside Patrick’s younger brother rushed to Queen’s rescue with no hesitation. Luckily for the Queen family, the young ladies were at the right place at the right time and were more than willing to help. After hearing Mrs. Queen shout out for help standing next to her husband, the girls immediately did all they could to assist. 

Wendt, Patrick’s cousin, went into the home to get a towel for the injury. She also managed to get his wife a chair to sit in while they waited on the ambulance. The young girls were very concerned and worried because of the amount of blood Queen had lost. According to his wife, Queen had accidentally tripped over their pet dog in the driveway. This incident is what led to the accident.

Their neighbors and parents acknowledge the brave young girls for their courageous act and nobility of character. 

“They have been back to visit them numerous times since the accident,” stated Alyssa’s mother, Amy Carroll. “They were so worried Mr. Queen wasn’t going to make it because they saw so much blood and because of his age. They were so happy when they got to see him and found out he was ok.” During troubling times like this, the community appreciates young individuals like Alyssa and Hailey for taking the time to check on others wellbeing. 


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