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Special graduation held for LMA student


On June 15th, Head Master Trip Boykin, Deede Horton, and Arthur Sharp put together a special graduation ceremony at Weldon Auditormin for Laura Grace Driggers. Laura Grace is a 2021 graduate of Laurence Manning Academy. Since the age of nine, Driggers has been a diabetic. Laura Grace has overcome many obstacles in her life and has not let anything stop her. As Driggers entered her freshman year at Laurence Manning, she was dealing with the loss of her mother. Driggers expressed how Laurence Manning staff were more of a loving family rather than just known as LMA staff members.

“When I needed them the most, they were there. They were so much more than just teachers, “said Driggers.

The day before graduation, Laura Grace was admitted to the hospital for her diabetes. Grace was unable to attend the formal Laurence Manning graduation. Not only did Laura Grace miss her formal graduation, she was also unable to attend other traditional events due to her sickness. This did not stop Head Master Boykin from making sure Driggers experienced a graduation ceremony.

“Laura Grace has always been one of the most genuine and kindest students I’ve ever known.” said Boykin. “I’ve never seen a child who can roll with what life throws at her more than Laura Grace.”

When Boykin found out Laura Grace could not attend the traditional ceremony, he knew she deserved a ceremony as soon as she could attend. Boykin stuck to his promise, making sure Driggers received the same experience as the rest of the 2021 graduating class.

“It was not her choice, she could not attend graduation, so we wanted to make sure she got the graduation she deserved,” said Boykin.

When Boykin reached out to Laura Grace about the graduation ceremony, she was extremely shocked and thankful they were going to have this for her.

“I was so thankful and grateful,” said Driggers.

Through these tough times, Laura Grace expressed that what kept her motivated through school was the idea of graduating. Grace describes Laurence Manning as her safe haven. “That’s where I was the most comfortable and it always felt like home,” said Laura Grace. Driggers is currently graduated and attending Central Carolina in the fall for nursing school.

“All I can think about when I think of Laurence Manning is how special it was for me,” said Laura Grace.


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