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Private party ends in downtown street brawl


At approximately 3 a.m. on March 10, Manning City Police were patrolling the back parking area of 15 N. Brooks Street due to a large, private party being held at the location. 

Officers heard sudden, loud noises and yelling from the direction of the front of the building. As they drove toward the commotion, 70-100 people were seen yelling, cursing, and fighting in the roadway. A third officer joined the first two and attempted to break up the fighting and clear the street. 

Lawrence Anthony Dwyer, age 23, of Sumter, was found in the middle of Brooks St., cursing, yelling, and attempting to fight another male subject. The first officer warned Dwyer to calm down and leave but he refused to comply. Dwyer was then placed under arrest and secured in a patrol car while the officers continued to regain control of the crowd. 

A request was radioed into dispatch to send any Clarendon County Sherrif units within the area to assist the officers.

While clearing the roadway in front of the building, another fight began inside the business, but private security was able to break it up. Once again, while officers were inside, yet another physical altercation began in the roadway. 

An officer then used oleoresin capsicum (OC), or pepper spray, and administered two bursts of spray into the air to gain compliance. Once the OC was sprayed, the crowd finally began to disperse. 

Next, another eruption of noise and yelling was heard from the parking lot of 37 N. Brooks St. Officers came upon Karmaine Gamble, age 31, of Manning, who was yelling, cursing, and trying to fight multiple people. Gamble became aggressive to the officers and was seen pushing toward them. An officer told Gamble he was under arrest and a deputy helped handcuff Gamble. The officer was able to cuff Gamble’s left hand while the deputy attempted the right side. Gamble continued to push back at law enforcement and was then dry stunned. After being stunned and under control, the right cuff of the restraints was fastened, and he was placed in the deputy’s vehicle. 

Dwyer and Gamble were transported to the Clarendon County Detention Center. Both were charged with disorderly conduct. 

Dispatch was called and advised that a subject had arrived at the emergency room at McLeod Health Clarendon with a laceration to his right arm. The subject was identified Rakeem Devante James, age 29, of Manning, who was another individual observed to be yelling and cursing earlier in the evening. At the time, friends of James were able to get him to leave the area after the officers repeatedly asked him to do so. However, James’ injury occurred when he punched a window of the building at 1 N. Brooks St. 

The third officer went to the ER to interview James and was informed that James was sent to another facility for his wounds. 

Officers attempted to contact the property owners at 1 N. Brooks St and were initially unable to do so. A plastic sheet was taped onto the window in the meantime. 

Mayor Julia Nelson was informed of the brawl and property damage in the early morning hours. Notably concerned and upset by the conduct of residents within the community, Nelson called the incident “unfortunate and disgraceful.” She continued, “[This] is not the type of behavior expected nor will be tolerated within the city limits.” 

Nelson was also appreciative of the officers' efforts and actions in handling the situation, understanding the measures taken into gaining control and ending the disturbance. 

Lastly, Nelson sympathized, “As mayor, I certainly apologize for those who had property damage and were negatively impacted from the incident.”