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Newly elected officials sworn in


Monday, Jan 4, at 9:30am, 6 elected officials were sworn into office. The officials, all of which will serve in the Clarendon County government, are all winners in the 2020 election season. Some of them ran unopposed while others had to campaign and win the popular vote throughout the county. 

Among those sworn-in were: 

- Timothy W. Baxley, Clarendon County Sherriff

- Jaqueline Blackwell, Clarendon County Coroner

- Beulah G. Roberts, Clarendon County Clerk of Court

- Margaret J. Sorrell, Clarendon County Probate Court Judge

- Dwight L. Stewart, Clarendon County Council Chairman

- Andrew C. English, Clarendon County Councilman, District 2

Each official was sworn in  by South Carolina Supreme Court Justice George C. James, Jr. 

James recited a pledge for each of the candidates that they in turn repeated back to him, with their left hands on The Bible. 

The ceremony began with opening remarks from David Epperson, followed by remarks from South Carolina Senator Kevin Johnson, and an invocation by Clarendon County Council Vice-Chairman Reverend William J. Frierson. 

“I want to congratulate all of our elected officials who are being sworn in this morning,” said Johnson. “A lot of times, elections can be gruesome, but I believe all of our elections were run very clean and decent.” 

First up to be sworn in was Sheriff Tim Baxley. Baxley ran unopposed in his election and was voted in to serve his second term as Sheriff.

After Baxley was coroner Jacqueline Blackwell, who made Clarendon County history as the first female African American woman to be elected coroner in Clarendon. Blackwell defeated the incumbent Bucky Mock in a landslide victory. 

After Blackwell came Clarendon County Council Chairman Andrew C. English, who represents District 2. English ran unopposed. 

English sat and was followed by Incumbent Clerk of Court Beulah Roberts, who was elected unopposed for an additional term.

Roberts was followed by the incumbent, and honorable, Clarendon County Probate Judge Margaret J. Sorrell. Sorrell ran against Peggy Knox. However, she came out on top. 

Sorrell finished her pledge and surrendered the stand to the final official, Dwight Stewart. Stewart pledged to serve another term as Clarendon County Council Chairman after defeating the republican opposition, Derry Beard. 

The ceremony closed with remarks from Stewart. 


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