McLeod Health Clarendon and DHEC test 500


McLeod Health Clarendon and the SCDHEC set out to administer 500 tests for COVID-19 on Wednesday, May 13. 55 staff members from DHEC, 30 from McLeod Health Clarendon, and 8 members of the National Guard stood on the front lines and fought against the 2019 novel coronavirus. 

“Knowing it is half the battle,” said McLeod Healths Lesli McGee. “Once you can locate where the problem is, we can start to fight it more efficiently.”

These tests were given for free at Scott’s Branch High School via a drive-through setup. This location was determined after DHEC analysis of the highest rate of COVID in certain area codes, as well as ability to handle the traffic. Patients would drive in, fill out a registration form - the basics, such as location and age - and then pull around the building for the actual test. 

The objective of this was to identify hotspots. According to DHEC, the testing process is in a containment phase. This means that DHEC will further identify where the largest source of the COVID outbreak lies within Clarendon County, and then take measures to keep it there. 

For this to work, however, quarantine is crucial. The results from each test come back within 24-48 hours. Following a positive test, patients are required to self-quarantine until cleared. 

A large concern at the moment is the possibility of a carrier who is asymptomatic. The testing unit set out to test anyone, whether they showed signs of having COVID-19 or not. 

All-in-all, McLeod Health Clarendon and DHEC saw this as a positive step towards the goal; helping Clarendon move forward through the pandemic. 


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