Manning Police Department warns of phone scams


We have received additional reports regarding telephone scams. It is possible for these telephone calls to come from local phone numbers.

Some of the recent scam calls claim to be about collecting debt for an iPhone purchase, Publisher’s Clearing House, police with a warrant for your arrest, the lottery, extended car warranties, etc. All of these scam callers request for the person to send some form of payment and attempt to get personal information.

Please do NOT give your personal information over the telephone to someone who calls you. If they are calling you with a real concern, they should already have your personal information. If you have won something, you should not have to pay to receive what you have won. If it is too good to be true, it’s probably not true.

Please be mindful and aware of who you are communicating with at all times.
Please share this information with those who you believe may be more vulnerable to these types of crime.


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