Local cop tones out after 26 years


After 26 years of serving in the police force in various capacities, one officer has radioed out for the last time.
"I just want to tell all of my coworkers, thank y'all," said a former member of the Clarendon County Sheriff's Department, David Floyd. "It has been a great time for the past 26 years. Thank y'all for watching over me day and night, and getting me home safe to my family. Y'all will be missed, and if there's anything I can do for y'all, let me know. This is Clarendon Alpha 101, signing off for the last time."
Floyd made this call in an emotional Facebook video, saying goodbye to all of his teammates and coworkers, the people he has served alongside for over a quarter of a century.
Floyd got his start in 1994 at the Turbeville correctional institution and was there for twelve years. After, he served 14 years at the Sheriff's office. However, this wasn't his first job.
"When I got out of school, my daddy wanted me to try working where he worked for a while," said Floyd. "So I tried it for a while, and then Montague's shut down, so I moved on."
After this was when Floyd moved to the prison, his plan there was to gain a little experience and open the door to possibly becoming a police officer. He always knew that was what he wanted to do, and the prison job was to be a small step in that direction.
"I wanted to work at the prison to get my feet wet," said Floyd. "I always knew I wanted to be a police officer. Lo-and-behold, I stayed at the prison for almost thirteen years until I finally started the process to become an officer."
Floyd initially had plans of working for Sumter County and submitted his application there first. He passed the physical and psych evaluation in Sumter County and was waiting on his confirmation when something, or someone, stopped him.
"The Sheriff for Clarendon County at the time heard I was looking for a job," said Floyd. "Everyone told him I was a good fellow, so he called me to his house one day. He talked to me for a while and asked if I wanted a job, and the rest is history."
Floyd started that same day and has been there for the past fourteen years. After gauging countless memories, Floyd stated that his most memorable experience happened on his first day. Floyd had entered a local plant following a call on an alarm system being set off. He walked through the gate and saw signs that someone had broken in. As Floyd further investigated, he began to hear a voice.
"I pulled my gun and started yelling at him to get on the floor," said Floyd. "He was yelling back, but he finally got on the floor. Then, I called for back-up and my supervisor showed up shortly after. We came to find out that he was a maintenance man that had gotten there a little early and had forgotten about the alarm."
While Floyd has enjoyed his time on the force and will miss it dearly, this news comes as a relief to his wife and family. Working as a police officer certainly comes with its risks, and his family says that they can relax, knowing that he is further away from it.
"I hate it because I know that he loved it, but it's such a good feeling to know that he isn't directly in danger all the time," said Floyd's wife, Courtney. "I never have to worry that he won't come home anymore. I don't have a fear of Tim Baxley knocking on my door."
Floyds plans going forward are to work at an irrigation company and retire quietly. His family, as well as his community, could not be more proud of the work he has done.


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