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LMA pageant winners


Meet your 2023 LMA Queens and King!

Lower School:

Master - Austin Wingard

Wee Miss - Ginny Wheeler

1st RU - Reagan Lynn Cockerill 

2nd RU - Ella Jean Ramirez

Little Miss - Annie Ross

1st RU - Micah Howard

2nd RU - Whitley Brewer

Young Miss - Lillian Bryant

1st RU - Claire Monarch

2nd RU - Kinley Benehaley

Middle/High School:

Junior High - Caroline Welch

1st RU - Anna Grace Osborne

2nd RU - Charleston Hodge

Miss Freshman - Alyssa Walton

RU - Ashley Rae Hodge

Miss Sophomore - Kinsey Hatchell

RU- Lainey Baggette

Miss Junior - Katie Clark

RU - Mary Brooke Mooneyham

Miss Senior - Porter Davis

RU - Millie Morris

Miss LMA - Ansley McLeod

Mr. Sophomore (Escort People’s Choice) - Cole Hawthorne

Miss Congeniality - Ashley Rae Hodge

Overall People’s Choice - Millie Morris

Overall Photogenic - Katie Clark

Congratulations to all our participants and thank you for support of the sophomore class!