Lilie’s of the Nile aims to empower young women


Suppose you are looking to join a nonprofit organization that is advocating a shared point of view. Well, Lilie’s of the Nile organization is dedicated to furthering a particular social cause. 

“I’ve decided to start Lilie’s of the Nile in the community because too often I see women of color not being able to do things together statistically.,” said Founder Antiqunette Dow. “I just wanted to change people’s perspectives regarding that narrative.”

Like most nonprofit organizations, Lilie’s of the Nile has the opportunity to benefit from the organization’s fundraising achievements. Their intentions are to uplift and educate all people who are interested in the community. 

Founded on July 7, The Lillies of the Nile has 15 members in their South Carolina chapter. Like other nonprofit organizations, Lilie’s of the Nile does have more members in other branches, specifically in Louisiana.

“We have women who own various charities and businesses,” said Dow. “Our members also include teachers, lawyers, nurses, travel agents, and more. Our organization is extremely well-rounded. We have a pretty blended team.” 

Some nonprofit organizations have employees who don’t receive money from the organization’s fundraising effort; however, the organization cares more about helping and giving back to their community for the Nile’s Lilie’s.  

The main focus of Lilie’s of the Nile is to empower women so that they, in turn, can empower the next generation.

“Some of our aspirations are trying to get scholarships to high school seniors who graduate in a low-income community,” said Dow. “We also want to be able to set up women from all walks of life. We are making sure that our members have life skills, including learning about credit, financial stability, etiquette, lasting relationships through bonding, etc.”

Dow and her fellow members want to make themselves and others succeed in business. All of the Lilie’s train to be interview-ready.

“The goal is to give children that headstart in life that we never received,” said Dow. 

The organization offers this opportunity to children between the ages of 4 and 17. They considered them to be little Lilie’s. The children will be helping with all the events and also preparing to learn different life skills. If you are interested in knowing more or volunteering with the Lilie’s of the Nile, head to 


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