Clean Lake Life

Lake Marion Volunteers clean trash from river bed


Some people consider the area they live in as a representation of the people living in it. We must keep our surrounding domain and roads clean in our neighborhoods. By doing so, it allows us to maintain a safer and more preserved environment for the animals. “We have a terrible problem with litter in our area. It just a lot of litter, badly. I’m always looking at it, and I decided if I don’t do anything about it, then I’m just as bad by not picking it up,” stated local residential cleaner, Janie Maria Dennis. The expectations that the volunteers are hoping for is to set an example and to see a cleaner community. 

There are multiple rational explanations for why the community should maintain a clean environment. A clean surrounding ensures the protection among and within plants and animal species in the atmosphere. It also protects the ecosystem, which gives humans what they need. Cleaning the environment should be considered to be mandatory to the people in the neighborhood. But for the Clean Lake Life volunteers cleaning the lake is not regarded as involuntary. It’s something they willing to do to keep an agile environment in the community. Mrs. Dennis is the begetter of the group and decided it should be something done about it; however, she is not the only one fed up. Other people in the community have agreed to help by volunteering to clean the lake. 

Anybody is capable of becoming a Clean Lake Life volunteer. They try to meet on the weekends, mostly on Saturdays from 9 am until 4 pm, to clean the lake. “So far, it some people that I haven’t met that have shown up. I do have some people I know, like the art instructor at Manning High School, Robin Nelson, construction worker Mark Dubose, nurse Kelly Cutter, etc. I’m hoping it will be like when someone smiles at you, and then you smile at the next person type effect,” stated Mrs. Dennis during an interview. She also bought her equipment and supplies that are well needed to clean the area. You can easily partake on this beautiful journey in creating a pristine scenery. Go on Facebook and add the Clean Lake Life page. People are more than welcome to message Janie on the page regarding the Clean Lake Life volunteer’s signup. She will be more than happy to make you apart of the group. Their motto; clean lake living, clean lake life, remember to take pride.


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