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Jeffery Lewis to star in gospel stage play at Weldon Auditorium


Jeffery Lewis, known for his dynamic performances in both theater and music, is set to dazzle audiences once again in the highly anticipated sequel to the gospel stage play “All These Shenanigans.” Starring alongside seasoned talents Shonda English and Elijah Bradford, Lewis brings his trademark energy and charisma to the stage in this thrilling production of “All These Shenanigans Revenge, Part Two.”

In an exclusive interview, Lewis shared insights into his role and experiences in the entertainment industry. When asked about the play’s premise, Lewis clarified that while his character, Ricky, a proclaimed playboy, plays a significant role, the narrative primarily revolves around the challenges faced by his character’s mother.

Hailing from Americus, a small town in Georgia, Lewis’s journey into acting and singing began in his youth. Despite not studying acting in college, Lewis’s passion for performance led him to collaborate with renowned actor and director, Tyler Perry, touring extensively and honing his craft on stage. Reflecting on his diverse roles, Lewis expressed particular enthusiasm for the comedic elements of his character in “All These Shenanigans Revenge, Part Two,” alongside the unpredictable twists and turns of the storyline.

Beyond his theater endeavors, Lewis’s talents have graced various platforms, including a stint on “America’s Got Talent” with his singing duo, The Craig Lewis Band. Despite not clinching the top spot, Lewis fondly recalls the exhilarating experience and the opportunity to showcase his vocal prowess on a national stage.

As rehearsals for the June 29th production unfold, Lewis eagerly anticipates connecting with his fellow cast members and bringing the magic of live theater to audiences once more. With dates scheduled in Weldon and beyond, Lewis and his ensemble are poised to captivate audiences with their electrifying performances and heartfelt storytelling.

Amidst the excitement of the stage, Lewis remains grounded in his roots, cherishing the unwavering support of his family and relishing the opportunity to share his talents with the world. With “All These Shenanigans Revenge, Part Two” promising an unforgettable theatrical experience, Lewis stands ready to leave an indelible mark on the gospel stage.

You can follow Jeffery Lewis on Instagram at iamjefferylewis. Tickets for “All These Shenanigans Revenge, Part Two” can be found in Manning at Weldon Auditorium and the Clarendon County Chamber of Commerce. In Sumter, Imports Limited and Seaco Music offer tickets. Additonally, tickets can be purchased online at eventbrite.com.