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Clarendon crime blotter is back



A 67-year-old Summerton man was cited for reckless driving and open container after colliding with another vehicle at the Paxville Highway and Wal-Mart intersection. On Feb. 15, Manning City Police were dispatched to a wreck with possible injuries. Upon arrival, Pfc. Christian Thompson spoke to a couple that was driving a 2020 Buick Encore. The Buick was in the far right lane, facing the opposite direction of travel. The couple, Wayne and Mary Franz, appeared disoriented but were standing and able to answer questions. They stated that the driver of the other vehicle, a 2011 Honda Accord, came into their lane and struck them head on.

The driver, later identified as Russell Allen Waynick, 67, also appeared disoriented and had multiple cuts on his hands and arms. Clarendon County Fire and Rescue assisted Waynick. Before transporting him to McLeod Health Clarendon, a CCFR employee advised Thompson that Waynick was possibly intoxicated. Thompson observed in plain view an open can of beer in the center console of Waynick’s vehicle and collected the can for evidence. He also observed the can was half full and still cold. SC Highway Patrol was contacted for assistance with the possible DUI but was not able to help due to their being busy at the time.

Lt. Sean Briley went to the hospital to interview Waynick, who admitted that he drank three beers. Waynick consented to having his blood drawn for alcohol testing, but McLeod Clarendon stated they could not do so with their equipment. Due to the nature of the incident, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing could not be used due to Waynick’s possible injuries. Datamaster could also not be performed due to the time restriction of two hours from time of incident and Waynick being admitted to the hospital.


An associate from Wal-Mart on Paxville Highway told the Manning Police Department on Feb. 14 that she came into her office area and smelled marijuana. Pfc. Dashaun Pearson was dispatched to the store and was advised by Angela Kidd, 52, that she found what appeared to be a brown, burnt blunt and suspected it contained marijuana. The item was taken and placed in evidence at the Manning Police Department, waiting to be destroyed.


A 40-year-old man approached Pfc. Christian Thompson at 3:45 p.m. on February 19 outside the Manning Police Department stating that he was robbed at gunpoint about an hour earlier. The subject identified himself as Timothy Burney, 40, and stated that a black man, approximately six feet tall, larger build with short hair and tattoos approached him while he was in the yard of a home on the 100 block of Fulton Street. Burney indentified the man has Kentron Conyers. Burney stated that Conyers pulled a gun on him and told him to give Conyers his groceries, worth around $30, and a cell phone. Burney also stated that Conyers threatened to kill him if he didn’t stay at that address while pressing the gun into his thigh. Burney stated that he gave Conyers the groceries and his son’s cell phone before walking to the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office.

Burney stated the sheriff’s office was closed so he walked around until he saw Thompson. Burney also stated that Conyers was wearing black shoes, blue jeans, and a grey and black shirt at the time of the incident.


On Feb. 17, Pfc. Dashaun Pearson was dispatched to a fast-food restaurant at the 9000 block of Paxville Highway in reference to juveniles fighting. Once on scene, the manager of the restaurant, Melody Oliver, 32, stated that a group students were fighting and then ran off. She stated that she saw a group of kids run into another, nearby fast-food restaurant. Pearson made contact with four female juveniles at that restaurant. While interviewing them, Pearson was advised the fight started based off an incident that occurred at school between two females. Juvenile one advised that juvenile two was talking about her to other students and bullying her. Pearson was not able to locate juvenile two at the time of the incident but was able to get her name from juvenile one. Pearson made contact with the parent of juvenile one and advised the parent of the situation. Juvenile one was released into her parent’s custody.


A 44-year-old Manning man was arrested by the Manning Police Department on February 10th around 11:27 p.m. after a routine safety check point on S Mill Street at Mannington Place. During this safety check, a grey Chevy Tahoe came through and Pfc. Christian Thompson asked the driver for his license. The driver, Acie Boatwright, 44, stated that he left his license at his house. Thompson then asked Boatwright to pull his vehicle to the side of the road. Boatwright complied and as Thompson approached, the officer noticed an empty beer bottle in the center console. Thompson asked Boatwright to exit the vehicle, at which point Boatwright admitted there was another open container in the floorboard of the passenger seat. Thompson placed Boatwright under arrest for open container and collected the two empty bottles. Boatwright was transported by Thompson to the Clarendon County Detention Center.


Information printed in Crime Reports is provided by local law enforcement agencies and other available public records, including the Clarendon County Public Court Index.