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Clarendon crime blotter



On Apr. 24, officers with the Manning Police Department were on a routine patrol when they noticed a black male, Leonard Mincey of Manning, 53, staggering while walking. Mincey, almost falling into the roadway, was observed for some time to confirm that he was not studying on his feet while walking. The officer then made contact with the individual and noticed the odor of alcohol was coming from his person. The officer reminded Mincey about the previous conversation that they had regarding when officers had previously given him a ride back to his residence when he was found to be intoxicated. Mincey said he remembered the conversation, being that it was just a day ago. Mincey was also reminded that it was a safety issue for him to walk the streets after he had been drinking. Mincey was arrested for public intoxication and transported to the Clarendon County Detention Center.



On Apr. 18, law enforcement responded to McLeod Health Clarendon in reference to a patient arriving with a gunshot wound to the leg. Upon arrival, officers were met by McLeod security, which advised that a black juvenile male came into the emergency room with a gunshot wound to the leg and will not give security or staff any information. The officer spoke with the juvenile and the juvenile advised that he was at a friend’s residence looking at a black 22 caliber handgun when the firearm went off into his inner left thigh. The juvenile stated that he did not know the exact address of the incident, nor did he know that the incident occurred within city limits. The juvenile called his mother and she met law enforcement at the emergency room. The juvenile later stated to officers and his mother that it took him between eight to 10 minutes to arrive at the emergency room. The juvenile also refused to state the name of his friend, stating, “I don’t know buddy from a can of paint.” Officers advised both the mother and the juvenile that there were no pending charges, but that a report would have to be placed on file due to the nature of the call.



On Apr. 19, officers with the Manning Police Department were dispatched to the 100th block of Capital Way Rd., within the city limits of Manning, for an active argument with the suspect potentially having a gun. While en route, officers were advised the suspect left the scene in a black Ford Taurus. Officers were unable to locate the Taurus. Once on scene, an officer spoke with the victim, who stated she got into an argument with a coworker. The victim stated that they are the manager and while attempting to correct an employee, the employee got upset. The complainant let the employee go on break and thought everything had calmed down. The employee came back inside, got her stuff, and then left before finishing her shift. Directly after this, the suspect, later identified as L.C. Zyaire Thomas, 19, arrived at the business. Thomas is the boyfriend of the employee that left. The manager stated Thomas came into the store "heated" and yelling at her and everyone there. After causing a scene, Thomas walked outside and opened the trunk of his car. The complainant stated she feared Thomas was getting a gun out of the trunk of his car due to how he was acting. Therefore, the complainant locked the door and called for the police. Directly after this, Thomas left the area in a hurry.



On Apr. 20 at 2:00 a.m., officers with the Manning Police Department were dispatched to the 200th block of S. Barfield Street for a disturbance. Dispatch advised that Diane Garris of Manning, 55, called and she wanted to get her items from the residence and that Garris would be waiting at that residence for law enforcement arrival. Dispatch also advised Garris sounded highly intoxicated over the phone. On scene, officers spoke with Garris, who advised that she wanted the officers to wake the residence up at 2am so she could go and get her items. Officers could smell alcohol and could hear Garris slurring her speech. Officers attempted to tell Garris that they were not going to wake people up at 2am. Garris started yelling and walked off while officers were attempting to find where Garris lived. Officers, in their vehicles, and went to locate Garris. Garris was found at the back porch of the home on the 200th block of S. Barfield Street. Garris claimed she was going to sleep there until the others woke up. Officers then placed Garris under arrest. Garris was cuffed and double locked behind her back. Body cameras were used and a ticket was cited. An officer then transported Garris to the Clarendon County Detention Center.



On Apr. 19, an officer with the Manning Police Department responded to the 100th block of South Brooks Street in reference to a disorderly subject. Upon arrival, a detective met with bank employees who stated a black male wearing a white tank top, stepped out of a vehicle in the drive thru and began cursing and yelling. Employees stated the subject then ran into the bank, yelling, cursing, and demanding to use a phone. The subject then ran out of the door. While standing in the parking lot, officers observed a subject matching the description running from the bank and toward the courthouse. Officers found the subject, Jeremiah Rankins of Manning, 32, who got on the ground when confronted by law enforcement. Rankins was placed in investigative detention and stated he was at the bank trying to use a phone. When asked why he ran upon seeing law enforcement, Rankins stated that he didn’t run, he skipped away. The detective placed Rankins under arrest for disorderly conduct and issued him a citation. Officers transported Rankins to the Clarendon County Detention center.