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Clarendon crime blotter



On Mar. 17, officers met with the complainant in reference to his ice machine being broken into. The complainant stated he owns the ice machine loaded located in the parking lot in the 500th block of Mill Street. The complainant observed on video surveillance a white male wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans, and gloves, pulling up to his ice machine earlier that day. The complainant stated the male had a wrench in his hands, turned the camera away from him, and broke into the machine. The complainant stated the male left in a silver SUV. The complainant also stated that the suspect took two drawers containing an estimated $30 in cash and $70 in change. The complainant also stated that the drawers cost $500 each. The complainant stated he wanted to make a report and press charges. Officers advised that the report will be filed and notified his superior at the incident. Officers then went to the ice machine and observed it to be secure.


On Apr. 17, officers were conducting a walkthrough at a store located in the 2000th block of Paxville Highway when he was alerted by asset protection of a possible shoplifting in progress. Asset protection advised officers that a white female, Marsha Gooch of Macintosh, AL, 47, and a white male, Larry Richburg, had placed a red tent in their shopping cart and did not pay for the tent. Officers observed Gooch exit the store on the pharmacy side while asset protection advised that Richburg exited the store through the grocery side. Officers made contact with Gooch, who advised that Richburg had paid for the tent and was coming to meet her with the receipt.

Gooch denied all knowledge of shoplifting. Officers arrived and made contact with Richburg at a nearby fast food restaurant. Richburg was detained by officers and transported to back to the store. Richburg was then escorted to asset protection and met with officers who asked about the items in the shopping cart. Richburg advised that he paid for the items earlier that day and that Gooch decided to steal the tent and that he paid for his items separately. It was determined that the tent was not paid for, as well as a dark colored duffel bag located in the shopping cart. Both Richburg and Gooch were placed under arrest for shoplifting and transported by officers to the Clarendon County Detention Center. Upon searching Richburg and Gucci’s belongings, officers uncovered two hunting knives that were located in a mushroom printed satchel. Richburg was advised that the knives will be placed into evidence for safekeeping and that he may retrieve the items from the Manning Police Department upon release. Law enforcement cleared the scene without incident.



On Apr. 10, officers were dispatched to Piggly Wiggly in the city limits of Manning in reference to a stabbing. Officers arrived on scene and observed another officer, who was working security detail at Piggly Wiggly, in the parking lot placing a black male into handcuffs. The first officer noticed that the suspect, Todd McFadden of Manning, 44, had a severe laceration to his hand. The officer started to administer first aid by wrapping the hand in gauze to stop the bleeding. The officer then observed that the victim also had a severe laceration to his hand.

Officers began administering first aid and wrapping the victim’s hand in gauze. Officers then observed the weapon on the ground, which was a “Zero Tolerance” folding knife. The officer photographed the knife and then collected it for evidence. Officers spoke to the victim, who stated that McFadden attacked him and he had to fight McFadden off. Officers then spoke to McFadden who said that he approached the victim, who then grabbed and stabbed him. Officer watch security footage from the store and observed the victim in the employee section the store, talking to other employees. He observed McFadden approach the victim. McFadden kept his right hand inside of his hoodie pocket. McFadden then got extremely close to the victim, who attempted to back away. McFadden then pulled something out of his pocket. The victim lunged at McFadden to grab him. The officer then saw McFadden holding what appeared to be a knife. The victim put McFadden on the ground. McFadden then got up and the video cuts out. Both parties were checked by EMS and refused to be transported to the hospital. The victim stated that he did not wish to press charges, but due to the severity of the incident, the state is choosing to charge McFadden. Officers placed McFadden under arrest for aggravated assault. Officers searched McFadden and transported him to the Clarendon County Detention Center without further incident. Body cam used. Piggly Wiggly is getting security footage for investigations