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Clarendon crime blotter



On Apr. 17, officers were dispatched to the 200th block of Sumter Street, at the Clarendon County School District bus shop in reference to damage to property. Upon arrival, an officer met with the director of transportation who advised that she found the back window was busted out of one of the spare school buses. The officer observed the rear back window busted, facing the roadway, along with a large rock located near the rear of the school bus on the ground. The director stated that the bus was parked there for approximately two days. The director further stated that she heard a lawnmower cutting grass near the area at approximately 10am. The director and the officer believed that the glass was busted out from the rock via the lawn mower. Photos were taken using the officer’s body camera.


On Mar. 28, officers with the Manning Police Department were dispatched to the Clarendon County Detention Center, located at the 300th block of East Boyce Street. Dispatch advised that the call was in reference to an assault that occurred at the detention center between two inmates. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the captain at the detention center who stated that Dayquan Ruff, 27, and his cellmate, Mishoe, got into a verbal altercation over the television. Ruff asked Mishoe to turn the television down so that he could go to sleep.

The captain stated the argument then led to Ruff punching Mishoe in the face with a closed fist twice, causing him to fall to the ground. Ruff and Mishoe were then separated. Mishoe was bleeding from the left side of his face and was transported to the McLeod Clarendon to be examined. The captain advised that Ruff might possibly have a broken jaw. The captain also advised that Mishoe has bruises on his right elbow and a cut on his left hand between his index and middle finger. Ruff and Michelle are both detainees with the SCDC for prior charges.


On Apr. 9, law enforcement responded to McLeod Health Clarendon in the 10th block of Hospital Street in reference to an assault between a patient and hospital staff. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the complainant/Victim 1 and Victim 2, who both advised that they were struck by a patient. Victim 1 advised that she assisted Joseph Mitchum, 48, of Manning to the restroom. Mitchum had asked for some extra food. When Victim 1 advised Mitchum that there was no more food, Mitchum became irate and attempted to go to the refrigerator. Victim 1 continued by stating that she stopped Mitchum from going to the refrigerator. Mitchum then opened a drawer and yelled, “See! There’s a ---- graham cracker!” before slamming the door shut. The first victim then advised that she instructed Mitchum to go into his room. Victim 2 approached Mitchum to assist him back to his room. Mitchum punched that complainant in the head. Victim 2 then grabbed Mitchum in a bear hug maneuver and tackled Mitchum to the ground. Victim 2 advised that during the struggle, she had grabbed Mitchum’s legs and was kicked in the lower abdomen. Victim 2 advised security and security arrived on scene. They handcuffed Mitchum prior to law enforcement’s arrival.

Mitchum was released from the hospital’s care and placed under arrest by the City of Manning Police Department and was transported to Clarendon County Detention Center.